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Hi everyone!

Here’s part 2 on our series on why you should invest in Pag-Ibig’s MP2!

In this video, I will answer all of the questions that you guys have sent out regarding Pag-Ibig MP2!

Can you put in money one time?
Can you stop paying and not pay in a regular basis?
Are the dividends fixed?
Are the dividends guaranteed?
Who makes sure that your investment is safe?
Can you take it out before 5 years?
How many accounts can you open?
Can you monitor your account online?
Can you just leave everything and get it after 5 years?
Can you auto roll after 5 years?
Can you open an account online?
Can you pay online?
How can OFW’s invest?
Can non Pag-Ibig members avail of the MP2?
Can I avail Pag-ibig MP2 even if I do not have MP1?
Can non-government employees still invest in Pag-Ibig MP2?

Here’s how you can enrol to Pag-Ibig MP2 online –

I hope this video helps you and pushes you to invest massively this 2020!

Have a great start of the year guys!

God bless you all!

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Marvin Germo says:

Hey guys this is part 2 on our series on investing in Pag-Ibig's MP2, incase you missed the first part here you go –

Jean Rodriguez says:

SSS FLEXI FUND pls.discuss it sir Marvin. Thank you. OFW here from KSA.

Mega Man DB says:

I use moneygment APP to fund my MP2 no need to go ditect to pagibig office

Elle San Gabriel says:

Risk Management Option for MP2, Sir Marvin thanks!

Elle San Gabriel says:

Thank you Sir Marvin
Please make a video about SSS Fund thank you

darryl valle says:

Can i ask sir Marvin how to pay every month sa MP2 for example im an OFW gusto ko kasi ako ang mghulog paano ba hulogan kng dito ako sa abroad?tnx po

Infocuspreneur says:

Always watching your video. It helps me a lot. not just on finances but also on motivation side. Thank you Virtual Mentor!

Mylene Fines says:

Hindi po pwedeng dagdagan na lang ung existing MP2 account? Sorry, newbie po sa MP2.

Rita Cachap says:

Sir Marvin make a video for SSS investment pls, nag start na po ako sa pag-ibig MP2 , thank you po for all your videos

Music Mask says:

MP2 kasi annual… pag stocks or preferred share is Quarterly 5%

Emran Saidona says:

Hi sir Marvin I'm 0fw here in KSA but pan0 po ak mkpg invest in uitf while I'm w0rking here in abr0ad

patrick yap says:

1) SSS Investment similar to MP2
2) what would happen sir if somebody who has an MP2 account suddenly passes away? Does opening an account have a portion in it wherein the account holder entitles a beneficiary?

3) ive been ff ur account for some time already & i remembered a certain person you often interview from singapore whose into life insurances, wherein 1 of the videos it was mentioned that its cheaper & more enticing than whats offered here in the philippines & we can avail of it as well, care to share sir the contact details of the person so i could get in touch with him.

thank you god bless & more power to your channelsthis 2020 !!! 🙂👍

Nicola Feliciano says:

Thank you for this video series. When you have time can you please discuss about Personal Equity & Retirement Account (PERA). I am 22 years old, do you think it would be a good idea to invest in it for my retirement?

Ernie Jabez Dando says:

Nice vid! I'll start to invest mp2 nextwk..

arnold pawikan says:

Lets say you win the lottery 90m, safe ba dito nalang ilagay? How safe is pagibig mp2? Sabi ng iba safest with the highest rate dahil 100% backed by the government. Worst case is di lang tumubo pero principal wise its safe?

Hye Sun Han says:

Hi sir marvin, after ba magsign up online pwede na ko mag start maghulog? Saka if naka salary deduction yung contribution scheme ko pwede pa din ako maghulog thru Gcash?

Kreacher Jayyd says:

I messaged your brother. I dunno if he'll reply. Haha

Charmaine Ayuban says:

Hi Sir Marv, not sure if someone asked this already. Is it advisable to start the MP2 program by investing monthly with a specific amount or start with saving up first a bulk amount then put it in MP2? Thank you and more power!

I will choose shelter over lovelife. Aanhin mo ang lovelife kung wala kang bahay buti sana kung papatarihin ka sa bahay nila. 🤭

Lakers Basketball News says:

tagal ko inantay tong video mo about sa MP2 sir.. 3 years na kong member. Sigurado madami pong magiging views to… Next po coop naman po

Graebert Echin says:

I opened 3 MP2 accounts already in 1-year intervals. My goal is to have 5 active accounts in a given year; so that starting in year 6, I could have some sort of a "bonus" from my proceeds in MP2 which I can use to fund my investments and/or future needs. Please also discuss similar vehicle from SSS sir. Thanks.

renz clifford do says:

Can we apply for MP2 online?


Thank you sir Marvin. Watched the part 1 earlier. Very informative! I got so excited that i secured a form immediately. Keep it up sir!

Annie Ni Pot says:

Taclle next Personal Equity Retirement Account sir (PERA) 😊

Florabel Granada says:

Sir Marvin SSS PESO please po , for comparison purposes lang po

alexander jeam oro says:

If you want to compute the interest. Someone from Reddit created a sheet that computes the interest within 5 years, please refer to link below

File Link:
Reddit Link:

aizel enriquez says:

what if i resign sa work ko, and not a Pag ibig member anymore, can i still continue my MP2 account?

carol capulong says:

MP2 vs Premyo Bonds please 💕

Rhea Lm says:

Thank you for your videos, Sir! 😊 I'm excited to see more Filipinos become financially literate.

Jayson Naol says:

SSS nanaman sir…

Jahz Rojas says:

Kung hindi kukunin yung money after 5 years, may allowable 2 years pa na pwede sya ma keep pero yung interest hindi na yung sa MP2 na 7% kundi yung interest na lang ng MP1 which is lower. After that additional 2 years at kung hindi pa rin kukunin, hindi na mag ggrow yung money.

Another thing, pwede din hindi monthly hulugan. Pwede 1 time deposit lang din. Para syang option na pipiliin mo pag nag apply – and mas better para mas malaki ang compounding interest if meron kang extra na malaki na cash.

Yung sa akin, yung 13th month pay ko dineposit ko. 🙂

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