$3000 per MONTH in PASSIVE INCOME as a Youtuber/Photographer

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Been wanting to make a video like this for y’all for a long time. Can’t wait to share more of my journey with my business, and hopefully be transparent so that you guys can dream up all the dreams with me. We’re in this together!

Instagram: https://bit.ly/2PeT7vu
More of my work: https://ericfloberg.com/
Wanna book a Mentor Session? Well, ya can! — https://ericfloberg.com/mentor-sessions/

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CFAST Memory Card: https://geni.us/cfastcard
My 5TB Hard Drive: https://geni.us/5TBharddrive

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Do you like the music I use?

Get 1 FREE MONTH of music licensing from my go-to source: http://share.mscbd.fm/ericfloberg

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Music in this video:

Feel – Eames
All Around Me – De Joie
Best Friend – Stefandre
You Can’t Break Love – The Dramatics



My Favorite Photo Presets: https://geni.us/1XNm3dL
Older Version of my Favorite Photo Presets: https://geni.us/VWzTh


Thanks so much for your support!

Lean into what makes you different! Much love!



Ian Sebastian Video Blog says:

Video starts at 4:30

Suzaidee Mohd Shom says:

I totally love this video man from the intro till the ending 🙂

Stefan Victoria says:

The ''dad jokes'' earned a like, the rest earned you a new subscriber!

Sebastian Rosca says:

The best of luck, dude man!

Ryan Sones says:

Liked, cried, subscribed… Great inspiration to start 2020! Congrats on the RAD family as well! And I must say, September very well may have been your highest grossing month in the past.. however… not after this gem!

dale ettridge says:

yay an honest video.love your honesty.keep it up

Untame Your Flame says:

Hahaha I LOVE you! That was brilliant! Hilarious, transparent AND educational! 🤣✌🙏

Ruben Mills says:

I cringed pretty hard at first then you proved me wrong with the honesty. Funny stuff man keep it up.

Justin Clark says:

Bro. That ending family b roll. So good. I resonate big time with the heart of why you do this. I’ve got a wonderful wife of 10 years now and a precious 3 year old boy. Keep up the great stuff. Subbed and liked and I’m excited to see what you make for 2020. Bless you buddy!

Investing Engineered says:

You've earned a new subscriber. Excellent video!

ONE Studios says:

Actual start of the video: 4:29 You are welcome.

Jason Leto says:

Great video … this print on demand service is a great thing! Thanks for sharing 😊

KimberKustom says:

If you’re not a photographer, don’t waste your time watching this video. 75-80% of his “passive” income is not “passive” at all. It’s income from his actual physical (photography) business & service. (print sales) This video is clickbait for the ad and affiliate click revenue. You’re welcome.

Benj Haisch says:

Yes. More time for family. Big goals for myself as well in 2020. 🤙🏼

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