Your Passive Income Playbook Starts Here – The Secret To Passive Income in 2020

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Sean Ray and I. (Sean Rakidzich). Tell you HOW we can travel so often without our businesses or our passive income falling apart while we are dodging FOMO and living our best life. Two best friends, two wildly similar back stories and two different paths to passive income.

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Airbnb Automated says:

Merry Christmas Everybody! Hope you've had an awesome holiday.

Cika Coni says:

E buraz, javi se kada dodjes u srbiju ako ti ista treba i da napravimo jos malo biznisa. Super video, samo nastavi.

Brian Kittle says:

I’m planning on buying my property then renting to a arbitrage/hospitality company that I will also own in order to take advantage of all potential tax benefits, long term equity and short term cash flows.

C Alex says:

Haha, you mentioned my Seattle. Thank you

David Hernandez says:

Hey Sean, Happy new year! I'm from Miami currently living in Bogota, Colombia. I've been watching you for a Year now, I assume you're coming for work and pleasure, how can I help you? I don't want anything in return, just just want to be helpful.

Gabriel Brunette says:

When are you guys making a video with Graham? From watching a couple of video of the new sean he seems to be the perfect mix between you and Graham.

Carrie says:

I am not following the other Sean. Thank you for the great content as always. Happy New Year!

ferniek5000 says:

Sean, you've been offering value consistently for a good while now.
I really appreciate it. Thanks for the introduction.

Adam Carrera says:

Happy Holidays Sean (& Sean)!!
Thanks for all the encouragement and the great advice! Love it!

Kyle Copenhaver says:

My current 3 fav channels :
air bnb automated
Gary vaynerchuk
Joe Rogan

cldiazinc says:

Would I be able to link up with the next time you're in philly or NYC? Thanks

Big City Style says:

Yooo get that Sean and Sean action up… Actually, I have a great video series idea. You both should help each other get into their specialties. IE the Airbnb Automated Sean should help Realty Sean get Rental Arbitrage properties and film that and Realty Sean should get Airbnb Automated Sean to get a few homes and get em on Airbnb. Boom 2020 vids are here!!!

Maria Corleone says:

Really loving seeing you two play off each other with how you both have different strategies but work to the same goals 👍

Dianegourmet says:

yes yes had to turn in to learn How I Travel The World While Making Money – The Secret To Passive Income in 2020. pls pls teach us

A Baker76 says:

Comment ….BuRRR , lol !

Will Howe says:

That's awesome. My goal is to break 6 figures in my first year (starting on 1st) and 1 million plus by 3-4 year.

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