Passive Income Ideas 2020 (3 Great Methods)

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In this video I’ll show you three great ways to make passive income in 2020. These passive income ideas, are all methods that I have done to make money in the past, and are great ways to start investing in yourself, build your financial knowledge and learn about the stock market as well.

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Everything in this video is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do your own research before investing any of your money into anything. Be smart folks.

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Scott Shafer says:

Here is the link to the Airbnb automated channel I mentioned in the video:

Homesick for Cali Army Wife says:

Great ideas. Thank u! Lived in OC for 10 years. Not a good place for a starving student 😂

Deborah Saddler says:

Hey Scott, great information. Simple & easy was to make passive income. Thanks.

Tedium says:

Man, saving accounts in the US have horrible interest rates. Here in Canada there are tons of banks and credit unions that offer 2% or more as non promotional rates. There is currently one offering 3.3%.

Jim Smitts says:

Can’t Airbnb my dorm room 🙁

Carrie says:

Great video Scott! You are right, Air B&B Automated gives great advice. I have been following him for over a year now.

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