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Mark B says:

I like how you broke it down – spot on.

james oakes says:

Great information as always.

Evan Ward says:

Watch at 1.5x speed. You’re welcome America.

mark g says:

Hi Richard, what would you say is the best way to stay lean and maintain vascularity as you get older?

Positivity Central says:

I love the content, also. Im curious to know what is the name of the song in the intro?

swisher5weet says:

When you calculate your allocation of your finances do you use net or gross income? Would you be interested in chatting over email or phone call for some one on one advice? I would be interested in paying for your time.

Mazyck Kolyon says:

Thank you soo much!!!!

T Real says:

I’m saving aggressively and investing working towards my second property and then pay that off this year and then get the third

Cody Steck Real Estate Videos says:

I love that every video starts with your badass collection. Care to share the watches? Great content as always Richard!

Mark Rodriguez says:

That handwriting looks like graffiti


I would like a faster intro please! Thanks for the info.

MomentumEntFilms says:

My mentor..5star

cool key says:

Definitely great information Mr fain!!!


i like what your saying but that still took you 25 years before you can do what you want

Marshall says:

I like how you flex on us with your cars before you give us the knowledge. It's great motivation and it lets the kids new to the channel know who they're talking to before leaving a stupid comment.

Transportor Motorsport says:

90/10 from 18 to 22 it was 90/10. That's how I was able to buy my first rental property. The younger you are the less responsibility you have which makes it easier to do 90/10, especially since living at home. And instead of university I went to trades college for 2200$. I'll make a video of my rental property before my new Tenants move in. My mentor was my dad.

Passive Income Tom says:

40/40/20 👍

Kourtney says:

Thank you for sharing Mr. Fain. Your approach to financial freedom is a lot more practical.

Success Braining says:

Whats the average monthly pay in the US working a normal job?

Stock Walters says:

We're back!!! 40 40 20

1 says:

Firstttttt 😫

Seaser says:

Hello I came across your video talking about about how to win with money. I dont much about money other than trying to save and live beneath my means. Long story short,I corrections officer and I finally scrimp together $20,000.00 it took awhile but that was my goal. My question to you can you give me advice on my next step to making money work me?? Thank you and I’ll continue to watch your videos they’re very enlightening. Have a good. 

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