Passive Income as a Designer – Is it worth my time?

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In which I discuss some different ways you can make some extra money through passive income streams as a designer. I won’t lie to you – it’s not easy. I give you realistic views based on time and experience to lift the lid on whether putting your time into passive income is worth it.

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TooManyDoc says:

This really means a lot. Periodt.

David Goldstone says:

Thanks for these helpful tips. I like the way you frame the work of passive income.

Forger of Fantasies says:

Thanks for that Video! I'm researching for passive income for a while now and yes, you are damn right with what you say about not beeing able to get seen 🙁 And thanks for your honesty, thumb's absolutely up, keep the good work up girl 😉

not da rael PJ says:

omg i love your video
like honestly im kinda a designer looking for way to build up my passive income
your video help literally a lot

Waqas Hasan says:

There is nothing like "passive income"… 99.99% people go for it without realizing that every passive income setup has either tons of work putting behind or it's used huge money in testing to finally find a way to say it's passive now… You gotta put hard work OR big chunk of money to make some called passive income, and btw it won't buy you groceries for the rest of your life as sooner or later it's for sure gonna die down and you have to start a new passive income project… 🤣 BitterTruth…

Douglas Dishroon says:

I can design any object or scenario…although, if no one sees my product, no one can buy it. Three months with redbubble & teepublic and I have not had one single visitor to either store. These companies do not help you sell something that they are going to get the most profit from.Thanks for the awesome video.

Elliot Richards says:

Good ideas, nice video, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀

Jessica Gerald says:

Thank you for your honesty!

Lando Knight says:

E-Cig and a coke at desk. lol me too! good advice Martine.

Lando Knight says:

E-Cig and a coke at desk. lol me too! good advice Martine.

Annie Basile says:

I like your realistic advice. Great stuff!

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