The Best Passive Income Streams for 2020

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I know you guys have been wanting a video like this since I’m so driven by having multiple income streams!
In this video, I go over some principles to keep in mind when investing in new income streams along with sharing some of my own.

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Thorganiclife says:

Damn bro bringing the heat on this one!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Keenan Smith says:

It sounds like buying cash-flowing businesses fits all 4.

You still have to build skills, it's definitely an income stream, you're buying equity by buying a business and owning the majority of it, and by buying the majority you maintain control over it.

Amazon FBA is a business you can buy too but not something I think would be a good idea long term.
In the long run, I'm thinking of hotels, veterinarian clinics, and even hospital networks.

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