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How to make money on youtube with a small youtube channel

Youtube Course: https://easyaffiliatebucks.teachable.com/p/youtube-course

Content Samurai: https://www.contentsamurai.com/c/brkobanks-cs-freetrial

Get Vidiq here: https://vidiq.com/#_l_25c


Brko Banks says:

On 01:20 i said this video probably made around 1mil I made a mistake. I wanted to say $100,000 sorry guys. I made mistake.

AJ Kelly says:

Thank bro for a grateful income sources you give us.. really are so wonderful and 100% valuable .. but bro me am die on Rankings game 😃😃😃💪💪💪👍👍👍❤❤ I love it ….i can't wait to show you my FAST pray CHECK from YouTube 💪💪💪 am looking forward no to give a dame hahahah..
Bro keep moving forward. Love you man.❤❤❤

Top Statistics says:

Hi how can u be an affiliate Amazon if you don't have a Web site?

Helena Milar says:

Thank you very much very good Infos. Please can you make a video about traffic and the best way to grow a youtube channel?

NASER says:

Another nice video from your channel sir! Here we learned overall ideas about Amazon affiliate program and monetisation of YouTube video. But I think this video can't be called a complete one unless we know how to create a copyright free product review video from advertisement. And I hope you create for us.

Alpesh Chauhan says:

Can you make detailed video on this like, find trending products and make video…?

Update4you says:

Great idea…
Love from pakistan..

Protagonistz says:

How many videos do you think I should upload before giving up?

taral - says:

Hello guys, Break a Bank here and make $30,000 instantly. Lol

N A O - anime stuff says:

away some bruh

algerian eagle says:

The problem is the views i make videos but no views !!

Mebukura Gabriel says:

wow wow So amazing

Benefits of Health says:

Wow thank you!

lets Read QURAN says:

Hi BrkoBanks how are you. I want to buy your YouTube course. I add coupon blackfriday it reduces only 29 USD not 79$. Reply me why it happens with me.
Thanks and waiting your response

Nizamuddin A says:

CAn I do this without Amazon Associates?

Ahtisham Ahmad says:

Let me know, where can I find these products video ?

disiist says:

While singing up for Amazon they'll ask for your website & after checking history they'll approve. Your didn't say that.

Bhavesh Parmar says:

Where can find or make videos for YouTube….? And thanks maan

Mustafa Ahmed says:

how to find videos sir


Where do you find the product video and is it not copyright? Can you use the videos from Amazon? Can you use the video from the company's website?

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