Top 3 Healthcare Dividend Stocks – Dividends for Passive Income

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In this video we look at 5 Healthcare Dividend Stocks to help give us passive income from the healthcare sector. This video is part of a series where we will look for the top dividend-paying stocks from each of the 11 GICS Sectors.

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Alberto Santa Barbara County CA says:

We are long in UNH

mihu02 says:

Great video really love the European stocks you throw in there 👍
From Denmark, was hopeing you added Novo nordisk the Danish insulin company 😉 great video keep em coming!

George Hadley says:

Jimmy – I was surprised not to see Abbvie in this list. I know from previous videos that you are a big fan of this company.

SparFuchs 79 says:

European healthcare stock alternatives might be Coloplast or Novo Nordisk from Denmark, Novartis from Switzerland (22 years dividend strike), or the only German Dividend Aristocrat Fresenius SE, mother company of FMC, even if the Dividend Yield is a bit below 2%…

Dividends_with_Alisher says:

This is awesome, I am long JNJ & PFE, thanks for this

Divident portfolio for my daughter says:

Thanks for your video! This will help me to select good (long run) dividend stock!

David Engle says:

Interesting to look at Astra Zeneca and Novo Nordisk

Brad Ramm says:

Another great video Jimmy! I’m watching JNJ

The Lean, Six Sigma and Investing Channel says:

Thanks for the video , I bought Smith & Nephew (UK) which had a decent size dip recently, dividend is 1.8% & payout ratio only 46% . Maybe worth a look .

Davide S says:

Switzerland: Roche AG. I own this stock since march 2018. Great capital gain plus growth dividend.

Dividend DRiP Waterfall says:

For health care companies I like ABBV and JNJ although PFE has been on my radar.

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