079: Passive Income Using Creative Market

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Creative market is an avenue for passive income and Alysha walks us, step by step, through how to set this up strategically to scale. We dive into how to design thumbnails on Creative Market that attract sales, how to get hand picked by Creative Market, using bundles to increase sales and traffic generation strategies for consistent income.

33% of Alysha’s monthly income comes from Creative Market and what is even better is that this source is 95% passive.. CM even handles the customer support for you!

For a creative entrepreneur, this gives you an outlet to control what you are putting out and see how the market responds.


Cynthia Navarro says:

hi! could you add the link to her store in the description?

Sonja Taljaard Artist says:

Thank you for the info this is very helpful! Is there a link to her creative market shop that you can put up?

Hazel says:

We need her link !!!!

Ken A. says:

Really Informative! thank you so much!

Ioana says:

Very nice and informative video! Thank you for it 🙂
I couldn’t find her on Creative Market, most likely due to the fact that I am not English native speaker and I’m not sure how to spell her store name (Basil and bark!?)

Viktoria Raichynets says:

Would be awesome if you can put link to the tools you mentioned down below! Thanks! Awesome video! So many things learned! Yay!

Benjamin Wright says:

Sell Your Own Digital Products Digital Profit: https://jvz1.com/c/1128191/234155

wright35711 says:

Sell Your Own Digital Products Digital Profit: https://jvz1.com/c/1128191/234155

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