Passive Income Starting from Scratch

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Start your own web hosting company:

How to build passive income by starting your own web hosting company. Building passive income is growing more and more important, as people begin to place more emphasis on financial freedom and financial independence. Beginning my own web hosting company allows me to bring in $700 per month, and it’s been incredibly simple to do so.

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T&S D&M says:

Love this video Bryce ! I’m shocked at how simple this is, it almost seems too simple! So is this how an opening pitch goes to someone:

Potential Client: Yea man I’m stoked to start up this mommy blog…. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.
Me: I can totally help with that, I own Domain naming rights and can host your website for you!
Potential Client: Sweet that would be awesome, I hate computers, they scare me!
Me: Yea in order to hold the website domain name for you, and create the initial website it’s usually higher but i can go as low as $15/month?
Potential Client: Love it!
Me: What do you want to call it?
Potential Client
Me: awesome! I’ll make it tonight…… type in “”…hit those 3 buttons you mentioned…. and you’re done and making $15/month off of them?

FriscoFloHorology says:

This is amazing. Thanks so much. This honestly seems like a no brainer. Fool proof and fail proof. Almost too good to be true lol

Justin Taylor - Let's Make Money says:

Have you started earning a noticeable amount of passive income from YouTube yet? I’ve been thinking about starting a blog after you talked about that website you made in college in one of your videos a few weeks ago

Justin Taylor - Let's Make Money says:

Haha 😂 I don’t want to know how many times I went to Taco Bell this year.. too many

Jorge Álvarez says:

Loved this one! Was waiting for content like this! However, don't really understand why would the agency have you as the website host-er instead of them directly buying a reseller hosting and use it for their clients.

Stalin Suero says:

Where did you find you’re previous clients before you meet the other team?

TruFinancials says:

Yeah, no one else is talking about web hosting as a side income. Love the in-depth look!

LILTROLL21 says:

Just found your channel recently I’m a broke college student and your actually a GOAT once I get some money for the host I am definitely doing this! Thank you!

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