Passive Income Ideas 2020

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Passive Income Ideas 2020

Yes, it’s totally possible to generate passive income in 2020. In this video, I share what’s far more powerful than finding “the best affiliate programs” as well as the “highest paying affiliate programs” and more. It’s all about working smart and leveraging a passive income strategy that can help you generate job ending income. This video can help you do just that.

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BroadbandLink Gaming says:

Brian talks I watch. Great video bro. Looking forward to this channel 😎🤘

KathehFit says:

Wow Brian I needed this! Thank you so much!

FireSale Gaming says:

BIG TRUSSSS!! Whoop whoop!

Old Iron Shops says:

Ahh I knew there would be videos!!

Braulio's LoboShow says:

Hey Brian i’m a huge fan! Thank you for all this. I have a question i have a channel and i have over 100 subscribers. I was able to publish videos for several months due to family issues. Should i start from scratch or should i continue with my current channel, thank you for all you do!

The Brick Bro says:

How could I do this with short animations?

Khun Mimi says:

Shoutout to Brian for all his advices on both of his channels. I started my YT channel 6 months ago, 55 videos later I'm sitting at 11k subscribers.
I've watched every single video of Brian and learned a lot about creating a brand, focusing on a niche etc
The new step coming for me in 2020 is huge, I have an awesome supportive audience, a huge mailing list, social networks following exploding, affiliate earnings and more.
In just… a few months starting from scratch and no connection.
Thank you Brian and good luck with your new channel 🙂

Mike Phillips says:

I too was waiting for Staking my claim, and amplify your … INCOME!
Good to see you dropping more knowledge here Brian G.
I like the idea of just taking the easy stuff you are already doing, and a good refresher of starting where you are.

Venters Gaming says:

hi I agree with brian you look at me 141 subs on a small gaming channel nope ive made money like brian with Halloween costumes ages ago a bloke called Howie Schwartz used squidoo lenses and hub pages to rank in google for Hannah montannah Halloween costumes or as star wars is this yr Chewbacca Halloween costumes I started with affiliate marketing now do drop shipping ive sold womens shoes and not the cheaper ones Christian labouteen my Halloween stuff this yr generated 1800 pounds

KATTA dot CO says:

Trust funnel – I am not an expert. Awwww… Awesome.

Bassem English says:

Why two channels where you could make your videos in one.

KATTA dot CO says:

1. Oh man. I am also starting a channel close to this Brian. Revolving around MMO, YouTube & Affiliate marketing.
2.Subscribed. Looking forward to collab sometime in 2020.

Tola Lusi says:

Thank you so much for sharing! I recently subscribed and joined your Facebook page and I must say that I have learnt a great deal! I can't tell you how many times people keep telling me to stop saying that i'm not a professional on my channel but I try to be as honest and straight forward with my growing audience. Thanks again!

John Pullum says:

Don't forget to put the links up at the end. Nothing to click.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate says:

Nice video Brian! Watched the whole way through!

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