Affiliate Marketing 2020 (How To Start Making Passive Income)

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In this video, I will show you how you can begin affiliate marketing for FREE. That’s right, no BS online courses needed to show you how to start making money online.

There are two routes that you can take when it comes to affiliate marketing:
1.) Paid Traffic
2.) Free Traffic

Personally, I believe that using free traffic to market products as an affiliate is the best way for people to make money passively without needing to worry about profit margins and overhead expenses.
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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Everything in this video is based on information we learned from online resources, our own experience, and books we have read. Please do your own research before making any important decisions. You and only you are responsible for any and all digital marketing decisions you make. Thank you for watching!


Martin Su says:

I'm starting to watch this channel because of the great contents and constant uploads that can help me out. This channel deserves more subs and views. So I have a bit of a situation and would really appreciate a response. So I started a Youtube channel back in summer of 2017. I made videos on Apple products like reviews and how to videos. I haven't made a video since like March 2018, but I kept getting views and subs over time. Well, the channel passed 1000 subs this June and got monetized. I want to go back and make more videos, but now I want to make videos on finance and other stuff from personal experience that may help others out there. Do you think it's better to upload to my current channel and change the channel name to my name or start a new channel? I want to upload to my current channel because it's already monetized and have some subscribers, but not sure how it will effect my channel since I'll be changing topic. I'd really appreciate a response whether it's from Nate or Mike. I look forward to more videos. Keep it up.

Curious Kid says:

Audio levels on this video are much better than the last vid on this channel 👍

BMWCrown says:

I used to be an amazon associates but then they kicked me off because i i didnt have 500 followers. When i was signing up i only needed 100 which i had

Tom The Fusician says:

Thanks Nate, I love your other channel as well and glad you're putting out even more content! I subbed (:

Iam says:

Hey man do you know anthing on fb ads/ig ads and if so where the best place other than youtube to learn

Passive Income Tom says:

A lot of great tips here! 👍

PUBG Play of the Game says:

Besides buying expensive things like cars, what keeps people poor in your opinion? My opinion is I and many others just don't know how to make more money without taking the first risky step. Advice on taking the leap of faith?

PUBG Play of the Game says:

GaryV- Give Give GIve Take

The GolemYT says:

This is the video I needed

PUBG Play of the Game says:

How are you only 18?

Marbles Makes says:

Thanks for sharing , just started this hoping it works well ! 🙂

Vorrento says:

I found some value in this video. Thanks for the info about affiliate marketing Nate!

Epic Math Time says:

Since I'm an educational channel, I'm just not sure what kind of stuff I should be affiliate linking. 🤷‍♂️

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