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I am giving back to you in one way that I can. You can get free credit to mine DIY Tube Coins and start earning a passive income. There is no experience or skills needed to get started. You are a few mouse clicks away from mining DIYT Coins.

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The Do It Yourself World says:

Get FREE credit and start mining DIYT Coins now:

Nortekj says:

Not trying to discourage anyone but did anyone see the article MSN had posted a few days ago? It had a fairly long article about cryptocurrency  and the mining equipment  and said that several top officials   being arrested a few days ago by the FBI, in which being arrested for running a Ponzi scheme and are attempting to locate a few other high ranking officials as well. It was enough to make anyone wonder if there is such an opportunity to get rich or close to being rich short of winning the Mega Million Power Ball lottery

Janice Reeser says:

Joined thank you so much remembered your first videos in your camper trailer washing your clothes in the creek drying them on bushes and other do it yourself projects to get the camper moved in ready…thank you Troy, oceans of coins from Florida

David Johnson says:

In the video, @0:50 you said: "DIY Tube along with Cryptocurrency Ocean"… So I'm confused. It sounds like two different websites but I thought you owned both of them?

lez briddon says:

new cryptocurrencies are like evolution, each new species will either evolve, plateau or die.
I would never trust anything crypto, one emp and you cant spend it, silver, gold, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, all better currencies

Danielle Bluestone says:

There isn't a whole lot of content on the website. I have been making ceramic art for many years and have about 15 vids up on youtube for art instruction. I'm wondering if I should set up a channel on diytube, but I couldn't see any artists having any work there. Thoughts? feedback? another source?

Shadowman says:

“When you discover you’re riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.” Dakota tribal wisdom.
I still don't see any major movement in diytube nor with you crypto adventure. You are burning your own money to keep it alive… Greets

doug out says:

Thanks Coach!  Since it is passive income, I will pass.

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