5 Ways to Make Passive Income Now

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If you’re interested in creating passive income, today’s video is for you. I’m sharing the five ways that I personally make passive income. This is by no means a comprehensive list of possibilities, but simply a few strategies that I have used in order to leave my day job.

In this video, you’re going to learn how I make additional income through passive income methods. I’ll talk about running my online businesses, ebook sales, and of course–real estate! If you’re looking for passive income ideas, this video will help you start thinking of ways to make money from home!

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derlamtay says:

Hey friend… 1. Trucking. 2. Online clothing store. 3. Real estate. 4. Dean of a college. 5. Financial lending company. 6. Hotels. 7. Convenience stores/gas stations…. I'm watching your videos and learning 1031 exchange process.

Kittle Investments says:

First of all, thanks for your content, you're helping to inspire more than you know.
I currently have 2 passive streams, exchange traded note coupons (dividends) and Peer to peer lending. Building a website/channel myself and looking to add affiliate revenue, google ad sense (eventually) and most importantly looking to get back into Real Estate buy and hold. Would love to be a private money lender/note holder one day too.

Yondainc says:

What's the name of your mom's ebook on granting writing?

Dividend Growth Investing says:

I love your background story. I lost my job in 2008…. I'm still a W-2 employee but not for long!

Nic says:

I'm trying to buy more rentals and I would like to write a book

Michael Raver says:

Can you live in a house owned by your holding company's LLC?

holbrook 195209 says:

You said you have many single family rental properties can you recommend whcih city to start for rental property where there is a lot of rental demand

E says:

Thanks for all the tips…I hope your Mom writes her book really soon.♥️

NAH KNOW says:

Which one of your operations do you make the Most "Passive" income?

R MF says:

These were great suggestions and I hope that your mom has begun to write her ebook. I have just started on my real estate investing and it has been a rocky start. After much needed renovations It took 4 months to find my first tenants and I’m hoping that the next year with them will go smoothly. I’ve just found your channel and am looking forward to watching more of your videos.

shoehead_82 says:

What about REIT investment

KAHN says:

Thank you Clayton for the motivation and helped me started my journey. Podcast will be next for me.

HOME with JOY says:

Learning a lot from your channel! Looking forward for more!👍 thank you for sharing!

Sane Cents - Finance and Real Estate says:

One year ago, I bought my first rental property. We’re now up to 12 units and $3600/mo in passive income. I never thought it was possible. But if you really go hard, you can grow quickly. Our next milestone is to earn enough passive income to cover all our living expenses. Great list!

Gregory Beaudet says:

Great videos!!!

Thank you 🙏

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