Passive Income Updates (crypto dapps and more)

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Bull Run Bear says:

Are you getting more HS/s with cryptotab browser? Idk what happened but i went from a steady 140 hs/s and now im getting like 1,000+ it’s insane

Music Sphere says:

And it doesn't have servinode status yet, buybacks will at least 2x in a couple days, plus, the more IOST in the contract the bigger the buyback

Lazzor !! says:

Love the channel! Are you in HEX yet??

Digitalfree4all says:

Thank's for the updates, excellent video, iost is gonna be huge!

Keydric says:

CryptoTab mining rates adjusted within half an hour of the Monero hard fork estimated time. Timing and hashrate increase leads to believe that the algo is now RandomX Monero.

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