I'm Getting Rich Buying Time – Passive Income Investing

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No one will get wealthy, rich or financially free unless they buy time. Time is an underestimated commodity that can only be bought with passive income & your running out of it!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial advisors and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Paul Q says:

I'm thinking you are not paying ten bucks a time, buying stocks through the bank…are you using Questrade, Wealth Simple, or other, and which do you think is best? Thanks!!

TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷ShibuyaRepublic.org says:

9 to 5 sucks i work 7 24

JM Dividend Investing says:

I was totally going to make a video this week on Henry's lol

RicoSuave Investing says:

The majority of them ballers end up broke soon after they retire.

Stocks Stocks says:

a nike hoodie and a tie….. you my friend are jesus

ClassicGamesCanada says:

Great video. I'm struggling not to buy a new car right now. Just need to keep watching your videos anytime I get the urge to spend money on stuff I dont need.

Ryan Giffin says:

I hate being a HENRY, at sometimes I have spent money on things I don’t need. Awesome return 16%!!

Mike Tha Investor says:

You hit it on the Nail TIME is the most valuable thing in the world. Time, Health, Wealth. Stay Inspired brother!

Hidden Freedom Investing says:

I was a henry at one point. I also lived paycheck to paycheck for 15 years. I think most people dig a hole right out of high school. Time even becomes more precious the older you get. That is when you realize that trying to make 10M is not worth it.

Passive Income Tom says:

Time and sacrifice. Both go together to achieve wealth, financial freedom and early retirement. đź‘Ť

MINDS in Motion says:

I like what you said about you will never be wealth or reach financial independence without sacrifice

MattMoney says:

Best video yet, my friend. Keep it up.

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