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The U.S. stock market has been one of the greatest long-term wealth generators in history, recording a compound annual growth rate around 9% since the late 1800s.Stock prices can stagnate or decline over a period of time yet dividend income continues rolling in.A quality dividend growth stock can provide you with a rising income from your investment, which you can then reinvest into more shares, creating an exponentially growing income stream over time.

Owning dividend growth stocks helps to separate long-term total returns from the volatility of the market. Instead of worrying about your portfolio’s price performance any given day or year, just keep an eye on its dividends rolling in. After all, they will account for a substantial portion of your returns.
Dividend growth investing can create incredible amounts of wealth and the income from dividends provides investors with cash flow to buy stocks when they are on sale!
Growth investors focus on the future potential of a company, with much less emphasis on the present price. Growth investors buy stock in companies that are trading higher than their intrinsic value – with the assumption that the intrinsic value will grow and ultimately exceed current valuations. Ultimately, growth investors try to increase their wealth through long- or short-term capital appreciation.Growth investors typically invest in companies whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to the its industry or the overall market. As a result, growth investors tend to focus on young companies with excellent growth potential. The idea is that growth in earnings and/or revenues will translate into higher stock prices in the future. Growth investors typically look for investments in rapidly expanding industries where new technologies and services are being developed, and look for profits through capital gains and not dividends – most growth companies reinvest their earnings rather than pay a dividend.

A large and expanding market opportunity
A durable competitive advantage
Financial resilience
Repeat purchase business model
Strong past price appreciation
Great corporate culture
Talented leadership with skin in the game

How tO Make Passive Income with Dividend Stocks. How To Live Off Of Dividends. How To Generate Passive Income.


Amelie Johanna says:

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Financial Investor says:

Divs ftw 🙂

Moneyking Kevo says:

Do you reinvest your dividends ? I reinvest

jake jennings says:

Im holding onto all of my cash into the next major crash/correction that we have. Stocks have trended in only one direction-its unsustainable

James Tyler says:

I LOVE the stock market! This video has me excited about investing lol. Keep up the great work

MINDS in Motion says:

The stock market is one of the greatest wealth building tools there is. This has been the messsage I've been spreading. More ppeople need to hear this.

Ariel R says:

I’ll tell you this buy as much as you can and hold forever. You’ll have ridiculous amounts of money

kelly ryan says:

The average retail investor underperforms the market like crazy lol

Passive Income Tom says:

Great review on dividend and growth stocks! Dividends all the way! 👍

rotag_bhd says:

Those BlackRock's 20 year annualized returns by asset class was from 1996-2015, not the last 20 years. The results:
Stocks 8.2%
Bonds 5.3%
Gold 5.2%
International Stock 4.4%
Homes 3.3%
Oil 3.3%
Inflation 2.2%
Retail Investor 2.1%

Owlcity 56 says:

Buying and holding stocks is easy for those who understand the stock market. Because of inflation, share buybacks, and natural earnings growth, stocks just drift higher and higher

Sara Willis says:

The stock market is one of the only ways average people can achieve incredible wealth!

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