7 Passive Income Ideas – How I Make Money Online

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Here is my list of 7 passive income ideas that I am currently using to make money online. If you are striving to earn an income online passively, then you need to check out this entire list.

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1. Course Creation

I love creating online courses. The best part about courses as a passive income strategy is that you can create the online course one time and sell it for months or years to come.

2. Amazon FBA

If you have some money to invest, then try your hand in Amazon FBA. This passive income stream is easy to scale once you understand what kinds of products sell and how to get your sales numbers to increase.

3. Dividends Through Stocks

Stock market investing is a great passive income as long as you don’t plan on trading the stocks for a while. If you buy blue chip stocks you can get paid a decent income each month, but the problem is you will need to invest a lot of money to see any substantial gains.

4. Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is something that most people don’t want to get into because of the risks involved, but the truth about passive income is that there is always going to be some kind of risk. I love this type of passive income opportunity because you fund the loan once and you get paid each month until the loan is paid in full.

5. Affiliate Marketing

I started with affiliate marketing many years ago and love it. This is one of my favorite passive income streams heading into 2020 because you can use affiliate marketing links in almost every marketplace to help you earn an income.

6. Memberships/Subscriptions

I love creating paid membership sites. The best part about these is that the community that you build will stay with you as long as you are providing value and giving them more than anybody else.

7. YouTube Ad Revenue

This is by far the least passive online business idea that you can do. It takes a lot of work and to start you won’t make much passive income here, but it is worth it in the long run.

These are just some of the passive income methods that I am currently employing in my daily business. If you have a passive income idea for 2020 that you want to share with the Homemade Entrepreneur community then please comment below and let us all know.

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HomemadeEntrepreneur says:

Which one of these 7 passive income ideas really stands out to you? Why?

Hustle Buddies says:

For us it was building a free community and then using that to promote affiliate programs and webinars that we ourselves actually use and love. We grew a community to almost 10k members in under 90 days and are already making more money then when we were public school teachers.

Bo Tipton says:

This was a good list thanks

Jasmine Woww says:

Congratulations Adam on 100k subs!!! I remember when i subbed you only had maybe under 1k. How about some videos with you holding the new born baby 🙂 I'd love to see that 🙂 Daddy with baby 🙂 If you buy baby items yourself too fir the baby I'd suggest Ducklings and box Turtles! 🙂 They are ny favorite 🙂

xDarkWraith1x says:

Man U really do your research to look for creative ways to make an income! Major props!👍

BigfootSquad BWPP says:

Hey homemade bro! I'm a big fan!

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