My Friend's ATM Side Hustle (Passive Income 2020)

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In this video my friend Malik and I talk about his ATM Business and how it provides a steady stream of passive income for him every month.

This video is great for any beginners looking to get started in the ATM business in 2020 and beyond.

It is also great for anyone that wants to know the truth about what owning an ATM business is really like.

Does this make an ATM business the ultimate side hustle or passive income idea for 2020? Watch the entire video on find out!

Some of the things we discuss are:
– Pros & Cons of owning an ATM Business
– What locations to look for with ATMs
– Safety Risks
– How an ATM machine works
– Will ATMs be relevant in the future

Thanks for watching!

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Marko - WhiteBoard Finance says:

What side hustles are you interested in for 2020?!

Black Hole says:

I worked as a ATM engineer for a while when I was younger and can't believe I never thought of this, this is awesome! Thanks for the video Marko πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brian Fleig says:

Interesting. I was just telling someone how glad I was that I had considered but passed on pay phones in the 90's and had wondered if ATMs would go the way of pay phones in the near term or were already disappearing. The bill pay options sound intriguing, Western Union bill pay at drug stores is expensive. Ohh, cash transfer across space would be another great ATM service.

Ricky Romero says:

β€œMy insurance is Smith and Wesson” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

nenad djukanovic says:

Interesting video πŸ‘ always been curious about this business, great job explaining and showing first hand examples

Eaton Pooter says:

Marco you by far are the best realist podcast .. always so informative and not trying to sell your soul .. Kudos man you're going places and dnt ever change .. dnt let #Greed change you .. thanx again .

RacingHeadInnovation says:

This was very interesting. I really enjoy this type of content. Practical, realistic, and to the point.

Nate O'Brien says:

Here before this video goes viral

joe penny says:

Boy oh boy you made this a very popular video so you knew that people wanted to see it and you probably charged big bucks for BJ's to advertise 3/4 X on this video you lucked out on this video more than others I bet! Now you're making passive income on passive income

RoyLGamer says:

18:32 missing a smiley here πŸ™‚

joe penny says:

Say he puts 12 Grand into the ATM from his own account how does he get that money back besides the $3 fees does the processor company eventually give him that 12 Grand back it almost sounds like it's sort of like a slow accruing Future CD you leave your money in there and it grows daily

Finance Daily says:

ATMs are like vending machines on steroids.

gagandeep syan says:

Good stuff guys. Thanks for sharing.

John Cotner says:

You can have multiple cassettes with same denomination and save on refill if you have an external company doing the refill. They charge a fee but is a place you don’t have to visit and security

Austin Zaback says:

Great business model, We own 100 Machines. Would love to collab soon brother!

The Austin Lewis says:

love it! Just got our 50th ATM up !

Robert Pick says:

Did Nike sponsor this!? Ah ha ha ha – both are wearing Nike hats!

Richard Romito says:

Do those machines get vandalized a lot?

Zerkbern says:

Ack! Keep your hands on the wheel! Better yet. Stop the car to talk to the camera.

Kyle Cook says:

Cool video. Reminds me of the ATM I ran into at a US embassy once. It only dispensed $100 bills and up to $2,000 a day.

James says:

sounds like hes making upwards of 5,000USD a month. that a really good side hustle. at %3 fee his machines are giving out 150,000USD per month. I would like to see numbers of how many uses per week these machine do

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