Three $100 Per Day Passive Income Ideas for 2020

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In today’s video, I wanted to share what I think will be the best 3 passive income ideas for 2020. Nowadays there are a million ideas to make passive income from apps, businesses, sales, etc. However, I wanted to highlight what I think will be the best 3 going into 2020. All of these are ways to make passive income online because that is what I am most familiar with and what I think is the easiest way for beginners, in addition to this all of these passive income ideas require less than $100 to start.

The first idea for passive income online is creating YouTube videos, just like this one. I personally think the easiest way to get started is by creating videos that will show up in search results like piano tutorials or home improvement videos. If you make a video showing someone how to build a shelf, that is still relevant 10 years from now which means it could continue to earn you money years into the future while you sit back and do absolutely nothing. When it comes to earning money on YouTube every PG channel earns 55% of the ad revenue generated from your videos. Outside of this, however, you can earn money from affiliates, merch, and sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, this video is sponsored by the WeBull trading app, one of the best brokerages out there. If you open an account with this link ( and deposit $100 or more you can get 2 FREE stocks. If you send me a picture of your free stocks on Twitter I will feature them in an upcoming video.

The second passive income idea for 2020 is by far the most consistent. Creating courses on websites like Skillshare and Udemy. Recently I made a video showcasing my skillshare revenue from the last 6 months. While the results were not great, the consistency has been better than any other passive income stream I have ever had. All you need to do this is some kind of skill that you could teach people and a camera (you can use your phone) and just plan out a course and then film and upload it to these sites and they handle all of the marketing for you and send you your royalty from skillshare and your percentage of the sale from Udemy.

The last way to create passive income in 2020 is through Shopify dropshipping. This is basically where you go on to a site like AliExpress or another supplier and then find a product that solves a specific need or problem and then put it onto your own Shopify store and market it up according to what you could get for it. In the video, I use the example of a 70 cent finger protector in the video. You could mark this up to $10 and market it on Facebook to people interested in cooking and then say it takes $7 in ads to make the sale, you would profit the $2.30 difference. The way you make this passive is by hiring out the day to day operations of the site to someone on UpWork once the store is successful.

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