The Truth About Passive Income #JustAskAO

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The Truth About Passive Income #JustAskAO

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At age 19, Anthony ONeal was deep in debt and short on hope with no direction of where his life was headed. But after hitting rock bottom, he turned his life around and committed to helping students find and pursue their passions. Since 2003, Anthony has helped hundreds of thousands of students make smart decisions with their money, relationships, and education to live a well-balanced life. He’s the national bestselling author of Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College, and travels the country spreading his encouraging message to help teens and young adults start their lives off right. His latest book, Debt Free Degree helps kids through college without student loans.

Debt-Free Degree:


Millennials Lead The Way says:


Damon Alexander says:

I wonder would you be able to do a quick video on getting an apartment without a cosigner or a credit score because I have and dont want either? Thank and stay live ✌🏽

Justicia Candillo says:

How do you feel about a revolving account??

Wrenchguy says:

Love this man!!

Black Vito - Moneyology says:

In regards to rentals many people have many systems of management, therefore some will necessarily be more passive than others 💪🌚

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