How I Made $134,846.40 of Passive Income in 1 Month [Myths Debunked]

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You think you know what passive income is? Then THIS video is for YOU!

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Is passive income something that is part of your income stream? If not, WHAT are you waiting for? 💰💰

There are so many ways to make passive income, but let’s start at the beginning.

What’s the honest truth about passive income? Here are the two best truths I can offer that sum it all up:

1️⃣ It’s not easy.

2️⃣ It takes time.

After posting a much shorter overview video about passive income I received a lot of comments with tons of idea about what YOU may think passive income is or isn’t.

It’s been super interesting to see how passive income has been a vital part of some individuals income stream and how others are just plain frustrated that passive income does require SOME work.

Let’s dive in as I share the ways I’ve made over $130k in one month via passive income.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ How much work does passive income require? NEWSFLASH: It’s not all 🌈 rainbows and butterflies. It’s grit and hustle.

▶︎ What’s my passive income story? Truth is, I was hustling at 60+ hours a week 😴😴 at one point to get to the place where passive income is actually PASSIVE.

▶︎ (9:58) Passive Income Idea #1: Stocks 📈

▶︎ What stocks do my wife and I hold and how do they create passive income for us?

For more info check out this video – How I’ve Made 110k+ in tax-free money:


▶︎ (13:18) Passive Income Idea #2: Peer-to-Peer Lending

▶︎ What are the top two options for peer-to-peer lending that I recommend?

1. Lending Club


2. Prosper

▶︎ (18:23) Passive Income Idea #3: Real Estate 🏠

▶︎ How I almost lost my butt thinking buying a duplex would be the perfect real estate investment.

▶︎ Why I now invest in real estate via notes… and what does that income stream look like?

▶︎ What is Fundraise? And how will I be investing during 2018 with it?

Check out all the details:


▶︎ (23:00) Passive Income Idea #4: My Book 📖

▶︎ How since 2013 I’m still making passive income just from the sales of my published book. #ChaChing

▶︎ (26:00) Passive Income Idea #5: The Make 1K Challenge

▶︎ (29:30) Passive Income Idea #6: My Online Course for Other Financial Advisors 💻

For more info check out this video – 7 Keys to Make $100,000+ With Online Courses:


▶︎ (31:30) Passive Income Idea #7: Insurance Leads

▶︎ What happened when the volume of leads was too high for me to handle and how I’ve sold them to make another passive income stream.

▶︎ (35:00) Passive Income Idea #8: Banner Ads

▶︎ (37:00) Passive Income Idea #9: Affiliate Marketing

▶︎ What affiliate marketing company I’ve partnered with to streamline my efforts.

▶︎ Passive Income Idea #10: Other Individual Affiliates

▶︎ How having affiliate links for each of the simple services I use like have too become a stream of revenue.



Betterment: Best Investment Option Where They Pick Investments For you:


Ally Financial: Best Online Brokerage Where You Choose the Investments:


Lending Club: Peer to Peer Lending Giant


Fundrise: Best Crowd Funding Real Estate Option:



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Cindy Russi says:

3:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ron Cee says:

People either obsess over terminology or as you say, clueless. No such thing as passive do nothing money, there's leveraging your efforts to create exponential results. And there's always sacrifice of some sort, ideally it's a sacrifice of SOME INTELLIGENT effort resulting in significant and personal return.

Gob Miner says:

Marry an oil Tycoon and you just stay home and collect your partners money… Passive income… but if you have to cook dinner for them, that is not passive income.
Finding a magical Lamp and wishing Genie comes out and wish for all the money of the world… but you had to rub the lamp… that is work, that is not passive income.
We want freebies! Jeff not have to lift a finger! oh wait watching and learning from your video is work… this is not passive income!!

Great Videos as always Jeff!

Victoria Fontana says:

Hi- I'm wondering how much the fact that you work in investment and money matters influences the profits that you make or could you give some ideas for people who work in other areas that are not "direct money makers" for clients – in other words- I don't sell "how to make money" I help people gain in personal wellness, happiness, etc, which is certainly a gain, but not a monetary gain. Does this make sense? I'm thinking in terms of online courses, for example. Thanks!


The vending machine doesn’t fill up itself lol

Lori Chatwin says:

This is not "passive income" but it's an easy way to bring in extra cash daily online: GotBizOpp . com Cheers!

Hermena Thompson says:

This is hilarious….if passive income was that easy no one would be broke

Evocati says:

My definition of passive income is that instead of trading hours for dollars now I'm leveraging time now for more dollars later, but those dollars will eventually run out so you have to constantly feed the fire with fuel to some extent

Kacy's Kastle says:

Providing transparency got me to subscribe.. Big props on the success. Genuinely happy to see people doing amazing and sharing transparently how their doing it. I wish you 100x more success in healthy, family and wealth!

lukkash says:

They are actually RIGHT about the definition of passive income 🙂
Passive income requires getting money from activities you are not involved actively so u don’t work for that money (as it’s in case of employee or self-employed).
It can be achieved by:
1. rental properties
2. shares in companies
3. other investments
We can’t say that sb will not work at all (even one hour a week ;)) cos in practice it may be impossible and at least sb needs to supervise his investments, businesses or in general, his sources of passive income.

G Mell Talk says:

I got fundraise stocks start up companies and I tried peer to peer lending

Tony Perez says:

LMFAOO these people are LAZY. Anything that makes you money while you sleep IS PASSIVE income👍👍 keep it up man

Lara Wilson says:

Look, I've had two businesses so far over the last 16 years, with lots of sweat equity, going on my third, and more. I can firmly say that there is absolutely no way that you can sit back and have money rain from heaven. I've never seen a successful business person that has done otherwise. Yes, after an intense learning phase and initial groundwork is laid, it is possible to have gains on your previous work, ie the 'passive income' portion. But otherwise, you might want to get real, please. This is probably the wisest man that I have heard. Hats off Jeff, for reaching out to help young people. That's also a big goal of mine.

Orrin Jones says:

I make passive income off my apps but it takes months to complete one. every now and again I still have to update the apps but it's still passive.I hate working for people! I also hate doing things that I hate doing 🙁

Make Cash says:

Can anyone tell the difference between the advert on this channel and the actual video?

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