5 Passive Income Ideas – How I Earn Over $400 A Day!

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Welcome To Todays Video – 5 Passive Income Ideas – How I Earn Over $400 A Day!

In this video, I am going to break down several passive income streams I have set up and share exactly how much I am earning with them.

All of these passive income ideas are free to start and can be done from anywhere in the world.

If you REALLY want to change your life then pick one of these and stay laser-focused on achieving your results.

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Not Taught At School says:

I hope you enjoy this video! If so please drop a like on this video or comment below, thanks

David Lindsay says:

Is "here" your favourite word?

Lose Weight & Reverse Diabetes says:

Hello! Thank you for the awesome video. It has really motivated me as I am currently doing a few things that you mention. I am in the very beginning stages of YouTube. I am focused on a different niche, but my videos will be similar to those that you are doing with Content Samurai in the Natural Remedies niche. Out of curiosity, when you are making these videos, are you writing the content, paying someone to write it, or are you using PLR articles and turning them into videos?

Again, thanks for the great content and motivation to keep it going!

Mathew Evans says:

Another crammed to the hilt with vital information, Mark huge thanks again.

Our Philippine World says:

Yes your doing good on you tube. We been doing it for a year and monetize for over a year and make 88 cents. And we even have super chat but no one gives us nothing. Just critzed everything that we do. We deal with a lot of hate forginer channels here. And they say hurtful things about anyone's. family and everything claim to be your friend but you can't trust these people they even said hurtful words about my mom and she is 70 years old. I hate for anyone to go through this…it really hurts. We started YouTube channel to make a difference where we are and if we could make a little money it would be nice.

Chagall says:

Thanks for your tips! How many youtube channels is allowed to setup?

Passive Income Strategies says:

great video , really like the honesty in this video , it inspires me to keep on going q and not giving up.

Spastic Cat says:

Great content, thank you for this info.

Philip Jeffrey Tetteh says:

Thanks so much Mark! I really appreciate it your valuable content. Thanks for helping me realize what is possible with perseverance. You really are encouraging!

Louise Greaves says:

You are so positive and encouraging to keep going and not to give up, your hard work not only brings you in money but helps us out as well, thank you so much 🙂

Zoo Keeny says:

This is quite inspirational…. thank you Mark!

Mr.viks says:

Amazing content 🔥🔥

mr ady and mim yay says:

Knowledge is power, absolutely. Find something that interests you and learn everything there is to learn about it, until there is no one alive with more knowledge than you. Even if you become the world expert on sea sponges, it's an achievement…….Just wish I'd realized this 30 years ago……. Bugger.

lisa svensson says:

First to comment. Interesting video

Mr Influencer says:

Good one and the best part is its free and available worldwide

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