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In today’s video we take a look at making passive income. But just how much passive income can you expect from banks, the government, or stocks?

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Miraz Tek says:

Super cool video I was just reaching out to other youtubers to help out i have created a reddit forum called "stock trading videos" you can post your videos on there for more exposure. Hope it helps your doing great keep it up.

Seba Tronco says:

Love this video and the channel

Jacob Williams says:

Honestly when breaking down Realty Income you should have added $4-5 and invested that extra share because the numbers would have been more accurate at $1005 than $930.

Gilbert AZ says:

Non registered assets 😃

GenExDividendInvestor says:

Cool, I hadn’t even heard of Team Tree. I’ve always taken the strategy of invest in quality companies regardless of market conditions. For most people I think something like VOO or VTI is best :). Assuming you don’t have bad debt and you have an emergency buffer.

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