The Best Passive Income Strategy: Private Lending 101

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The best truly passive income strategy. 10, 12, 15% 20% ++ Returns. Private Lending 101: What Rate, Risk, Term as an Investor & Borrower ?! 10 Criteria to Evaluate and make the right decisions on how to invest your money.

Private Lending 101: Rates, Risk, Term. How do you determine who to lend to? How do you determine the rate of return? What agreement do you use? What criteria do you use to evaluate an investment opportunity in private lending? How do you determine the risk of the project or the borrower? I tell you how!

Real Estate Investing Live Q&A behind the scenes filming LIVE on the Mike Rosehart Show!

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Mike Rosehart says:

Apologies for the audio. We had a technical glitch and it’s not our finest hour. We were triple streaming to FB, YT & IG all at once.
Enjoy it for the content. It was too good to waste this 1.5 hours of footage.

Mikey. Cž says:

Mans need a new mic 😀

Schubes says:

what happened to your mic Mike?

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