Asia Bakkt, Coinbase Passive Income, Which Coins Will Survive? & Bitcoin Supply Is Low

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K B says:

The Winklevi are still the dark horse candidates in my mind. Don’t for a second believe otherwise. Some teams make their move in the 4th quarter. Some in the 3rd. We’re at the tail end of game-time introductions. The game hasn’t started yet.

This is a basketball analogy btw.

My 2 cents

Arthur F says:

Mechanic is also a noun which defines a feature or a part. Not necessarily mechanism 🙂

Roman Filinski says:

Tezos staking awesome news of day

klaas says:

Must be really awesome to of all coins be invested in that 1% that will stick around. The odds are slim but on the other hand its so obvious…!!

Jerry Kras says:

CloakCoin (CLOAK)

$0.567162 USD (118.63%)

0.00006145 BTC (121.20%)


Coincollector82 says:

I hope btc stays down for a while, more time to accumulate!!

Zoltán Darabos says:

BTC going down because all technical indicators shows overbought on short term. News are amazing, but they are not dictating price. Price is dictating news. Couple more days and it will start to go up.

Rens Pothuizen says:

Have you looked into CredEarn? You can stake a whole bunch of coins with them through Uphold. They offer 10% on BTC and 9% on XRP at $ value at the lock-in date. Lock-ins are 6 months… Sounds too good to be true, but they seem to be legit…

legion says:

2018 winter, no bullrun.
2019 winter, no bullrun.
When are we going to get a bullrun.

OTT2OWN says:

I've got a feeling that Cardano will offer 8-10% interest. Once it hits coinbase and people see those interest rates the price is going to go absolutely nuts,just watch.. Also these interest rates are going to make the banks start to look like an even bigger joke soon,can you say mass adoption is on the horizon!? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 HODL!!

West Coast Nerd Craft says:

Crypto price volatility guide:

Red days – drug dealers and money launderers
Green days – institutional investors

Ah, but of course. It all makes sense now!

Jan Orr says:

I bought 80 tezos on Coinbase and I already received $2.42. Holy Moly!

Big Rob Cash 2 Crypto says:

BITRUE has 21% for wan

Cj James says:

actually SPEED is VERY very important ….NYSE arbitrage buys and sells with in a tenth of a tenth generate billions of dollars annually just because of the speed

troy kiri says:

Binance growth is probably due to China's backing. Just like Facebook's backing by the US government.

Kwan Howard says:

TMI should forget about KIN and review Vechain again.

Shane Marquis says:

When people look at the price today and say 'it is the same as yesterday!' this might be true per coin, however there are 1800 more of them created every single day. It is a 'value creation' machine! (this is not financial advice).

gomojo107 says:

There’s a market for Bitcoin, Eth, Ripple, and Litecoin all to survive and thrive in the future. This isn’t a zero sum game.


Great video

Yes2Crypto says:

I want to be part of your funky fresh crew.

Wesley Walters says:

What do you think of the idea that the ETH team has everything already set to go? These delays are done on purpose, while waiting on a certain time to go forward along with everything else. Just a thought.

Wesley Walters says:

I have BTC, LTC,XRP and ETC. Buying ETC weekly at the moment. Appreciate your show.

Mcbreezy says:

You may be interested TMI, when my trading group heard about Tezos on Coinbase they hopped aboard to hodl, many bought on the way down last night and are aiming to buy more at 1.05. Tezos may* become a main trading pair like BTC ETH EOS

Edit: *

Nikolas X says:

No financial advise but BNB will make it. It will be worth $100 plus per BNB coin one day. Check out Bidao. Decentralized Finance through Binance. Its pre ICO right now. 80% staking power before ICO 3% after ICO. Imagine getting into Maker at .01cents. Its almost $600 today with an ATH of $1890.

GBU Prof. Wally says:

Hello to you, too. I love the minor variations in your voice day to day. Some times I think it’s market related and other times just sleep related. Learn, Earn, Don’t Get Burned

Mcbreezy says:

26:35 its just like the last cycle, BTC doesnt react to news or metrics. News & Metrics react to bitcoin.

kpmoresco says:

Binance is Chinese company. Chinese companies are fronts for the government

Ibn stiles says:

It's funny when these companies stake for you they always sneakily keep some. Like coinbase gives you 5.60% for XTZ but if you stake it yourself in a native wallet its 7.31% so you'd be your own custodian and make more returns to do it on your own

Glenn Jones says:

I"m a confused crypto holder. supposedly lots of whales, institutions, and big money is buying BTC, lots of positive news, and all the right reasons that BTC should be a lot higher. The entire market cap is stagnant, BTC price is fairly stagnant… how is that? more buyers, great news – – isn't that supposed to result in higher price?

Steven Simonovic says:

XRP HODL'rs are idiots. They don't understand definitions like: market caps, scarcity, adoption, coin supply, or circulation.

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