Top 3 IT Dividend Stocks for Passive Income – IT Dividend Stocks for 2020

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Truth about Dividends:

In this video we look at 3 dividend stocks to help give us passive income from the IT sector. This is the first video in a series where we will look for the top 3 dividend-paying stocks from each of the 11 GICS Sectors.

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Learn to Invest says:

What do you think of these 3 dividend stocks? Are there any I should do a deep dive on?

bclaude87 says:

Great video. Thanks Jimmie 👍🏾

George Hadley says:

Jimmy – Good video. I would have liked to have also seen a share chart of those three companies over the same time period. Also congratulations on reaching 35K subscribers.

sheng liu says:

Thank you for making this high quality video!

Henry den Hengst says:

I would think Microsoft

jorge lopez says:

Awesome video. Can’t wait for the other passive income videos!

9v Brickmaster says:

Can you do a deep sprint stock please would really help

Patrick Duffy says:

This series is going to be fun/ more content like this Jimmy💰💰💰

Hugo Meza says:

Great video! Keep up the good work.
Can you do a video analysis on Store Capitol REIT. It’s the only REIT that Warren Buffet own. Thank you 👍

Greg Kamei says:

Thanks for sharing these suggestions. They seem to focus on infrastructure or component supply. What advantages, if any, over B2C-focussed companies? Looking forward to this new series.

Samuel Schiel says:

Could you make a video about Oracle please?

doodookopoulos1 says:

Hi Jimmy! I’ve done the DCF of Twitter and find it quite undervalued. Is it correct, have you noticed the same?

TheCosentino says:

Great choice of series. Exactly what I'm looking for

Kidze says:

CSCO is an interesting pick I like it

Deje Robi says:

I am here for "Hi I am Jimmy" Jimmy your intro should be a tread mark 🙂 I am kidding I am here for more than your intro I like your detailed review. keep it coming Jimmy. You rocks!

jagulba says:

Nice another good dividend video… great work 😉

Lars-Christian Strahlberger says:

Sounds good, I will watch all. 🙂

Passive Income Tom says:

Interesting list Jimmy! I know others have mentioned Cisco but wasn't thinking about the other two you mentioned. 😉

Rudie says:

I like Broadcom very much.

insanetim5 says:

Thanks for doing this video series Jimmy

Tanno Pikand says:

Looking forward to the series! Cheers,Jimmy!

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