The EASIEST Ways to Start Earning Passive Income

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Want to know the EASIEST way to earn passive income? Well… maybe you do. Once you hear what it is (and its downside) you might be interested in expending a *little* more effort for much larger — and much faster — returns.

In today’s video, I’m sharing with you three of the very BEST ways to make passive income, depending on whether you have more money to invest, more time, or more energy. Which of these opportunities are YOU most interested in?

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Michelle Kulas says:

The content here is very good! The music is distracting, though.

Eddie Jaoude says:

Money makes money 💰

Irina K says:

Saving accounts do not produce passive income. Average return on saving account is about 2 percent, and the real inflation rate in the US is around 8 to 10+ percent (see Shadow Government Statistics website, for example). Same applies to any investments with return rate less than about 8 percent.

Fatima Zahran says:

I’m a little disappointed with my YouTube channel it does not work for me and doesn’t grow

Imagine Freedom says:

Hello Gillian, nice video! I think all of these options have something about them! 🙂 btw I actually found your channel a while ago, when I was thinking about whether or not I should start my own youtube channel. And I remember you said in one of your videos, that when somebody doesn´t know whether to start or not, it is good to try to write at least 100 ideas for videos. I actually came up with 250 ideas for videos and that is when I knew I want to start. Of course, it is super hard, but I like it! And that is why I like your videos, your advice is not only very thorough, but also super practical and applicable! 🙂 And so is this dont sugar coat it, you just say a lot of practical stuff. Great video! Have a good day 🙂

Business Magazine says:

Nice Video🤙

Sara’s Journey says:

So inspired!! Anyone else loving this? 🥰

Rebecca Staples says:

What Is the best way to learn affiliate marketing?

Koubenlin says:

oh my god… ok so i LOVE LOVE LOVE your content, but it takes FOREEEVERRR for you to get to your point. like omg i'm dying of redundancies. i have to watch your videos at 2x speed to actually get to the main points. i get you're probably stretching to hit over 10min but man is it painful.

Passive Income Tom says:

I earn passive income from dividend stocks, real estate and writing. Last month I went over $2000, my highest yet.

Thanks for going over this Gillian! Passive Income does require a little or a lot of work in the beginning. 😉

Jae Oppa says:

1. Other investing options such as index fund or robo adviser (8-10 percent)
2. Affiliate marking – a lot of time is needed – the highest rate of return – being a sales rep –
3. YouTube channel

CrEative HeArt says:

I tried blogging. I never made any money. I read blogging is kind of a thing of the past. I think now digital products, ebooks, classes are the way to go now.

Amanda van der Gulik - CleverDoughCakes says:

🍰 + 🎬 =💰= 😁🥰🤩
(I'll explain how I used what you teach in this video Gillian to bake a cake one time and get paid for it over and over again, in just a moment, but first…)

🥰🤗💖Thank-you Gillian for sharing another inspiring video to help us online entrepreneurs create passive recurring income by creating something one time and earning money from it month, after month, after month…

…With very little, to no, further effort!!!🤗🥰🤩

Okay, so you asked us to share our own experiences to help inspire everyone here, okay…

I baked a cake back in 2007, video-ed the process, uploaded it to my brand new channel back then and pretty much just left it as is for a few years.

That cake took me 3 hours to bake, video, edit and upload. It cost me $20.

A few years later, I started seeing money come in. I had no idea what I was doing back then and didn't know anything about the algorithm (if there even was one back then!)

I started getting consistently around $20/month (The cost of my cake … paid back over, and over, again!)😲😲😲

I hadn't even decorated it! 😜

Then I started learning how to actually tag and title my videos, and how to write the description, etc.

My income started to climb…

It's been over 12 years and I am currently earning over $200/month on that one video alone! WOW!!!
I've never even sold a cake for that much!

That video alone has earned me thousands of dollars over the years. 😁💲💵💲😁

It keeps growing with no more real effort on my part and I have, of course, taken what I've learned from amazing mentors, like you Gillian, and uploaded a bunch more videos and even started a second channel devoted to teaching families how to create passive recurring income from doing what they love to do, or have a natural talent for too!🥰

You are so appreciated Gillian. Thank-you for asking and for always delivering amazing value for us all. You Rock!😎🤩

I highly recommended all of your YouTube videos, and courses! You always deliver!🤩🤩🤩

jb hann says:

Any account earning less than 3.5% will actually lose money, due to inflation.

The average historical rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is roughly 3.00%. Let's say you are feeling financially responsible and put your hard-earned cash into a CD, earning 2.00%, at the local bank. Doing some quick math, you can calculate the difference (3.00 – 2.00 = 1.00) and see that you are still losing to inflation by 1.00%.

This doesn't even factor in the effect of taxes on your savings, which would reduce your real rate of interest (after inflation and taxes) to roughly 0.10%, assuming a top federal tax rate of 25%. Therefore, in a low-interest rate environment, you could save money in a CD but still value because of inflation and taxes you are doing what I call "losing money safely." The best way for most people to beat inflation to achieve returns averaging more than 3.40% is to invest in some combination of stock and bond mutual funds.

The method I want to implement, is creating graphic novels, comics, illustrations, and picture books to sell digital copies.

Angie's Escapades says:

I started my YouTube channel last year . I have not yet gotten paid but I know it’s just all about being patient and consistent. I love making videos.

WithMyHandsAndHeart RachaelTelakowicz says:

I'm 2 years into my business. It's not passive but I have added some passive items into the shop.
I also created my YouTube almost a year ago. 😁

Tauseeq Khan says:

I have just started my YouTube channel as passive .let's see .And Good for all who are going to start passive income businesses. 🙏

Nevci Academy says:

It seems like you're earning with closed eyes.

Phil Henderson says:

Legendary marketer I think that's the best or can go with click funnels I use both of them.

Trivia Night says:

Great video and advice. It definitely gives me something to think about going forward.

Suzy Valentin Realtor says:

I used to be a powerseller on eBay and loved waking up to having made hundreds of dollars in my sleep.

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