3 Ways to Make Real Estate Passive Income

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I’ve been a real estate investor for 20+ years and guarantee you, these are the only three ways to make real estate passive income. Don’t believe the hype or other strategies you see in other videos…they don’t work!

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I jumped into real estate rentals after college and a job as a commercial property analyst. I learned the hard way that real estate isn’t nearly the passive income source everyone talks about. In fact, it’s about as far from passive as you can get sometimes.

More than twenty years later, and investing in commercial and residential property, I’ve found the three best strategies for passive real estate income. These are the only three strategies that will save you from the 3am calls by tenants and save your sanity.

I’ll start off by explaining passive income real estate investing. I’ll show you what it is and what it definitely is not with the lessons I learned. I’ll then compare real estate investing versus three other investments for the best passive income idea.

Finally, I’ll reveal those three real estate passive income ideas you can use to create a monthly cash flow without all the stress and mistakes made by beginner real estate investors.

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2:00 What is Passive Income Real Estate Investing?
2:37 Real Estate Investing vs Stocks
3:05 Real Estate Investing vs YouTube
3:45 Real Estate vs Passive Income Books
4:37 Ways to Make Real Estate Passive Income
6:55 How to Invest in Real Estate for Passive Income?

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.


Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

Want to get started in real estate investing with no money? 👉 I've used these 7 strategies for massive returns https://youtu.be/51MJqxUecVI

BigMad Starr says:

We started with Fundrise last year and am really liking it. We would love to purchase our first real property, but I have heard so many horror stories about bad contractors. How about a video about finding the right contractor or person to do the renovations and knowing how much renovations should cost.

Deep haria says:

Do you think its the right time to get into Lending Club? or are you planning to get out of it ?

Roguedragonryder says:

Got into Fundrise 2 weeks ago with $1000. to test it out. I like it. You get updates on new properties, sales and progress reports. Went with Balanced to start.

YoungInvestor -Stock Market videos says:

again and again good video, this is one for the algorithm

Mark Emery says:

Another great video Joseph! Really looking forward to the new video you said you are going to do this week on how your 2019 Stock Market Challenge is doing, and what you would change!

Safet Hamzagic says:

This is a good yt channel…very informative…Thank you….


My double family rental property is killing me. It's over 30ft tall and I had to fix 20 violations mostly cosmetic. Part of the problem is that I rent one apartment out to family for a 3rd of the value of what I could charge.


Nice insight into the leasing real state Joseph , I’m very comfortable with the stock market since I been doing it for quite a bit now. I was looking into actual real state but it’s a totally different ball game for me with what you said like fixtures , tenants may not pay on time , property management etc. Been watching some Grant Cardone recently too because it’s definitely something I’m looking to expand my passive income in . Some talk about rental units while some talk about like you said buy a house and lease it . For a first time buyer , which way you think is the best ? Units , duplex , single family ? Appreciate this video too man 👍

G.E. Stroud says:

I would take the Lease Option strategy a step further. Instead of tenants, they'd be buyers. They would be responsible for taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. I'd charge them less monthly, so I'd earn less, but I'm getting rid of a lot of headaches and expenses.

Phillip Strong says:

Really enjoying the channel. Always looking forward to getting the notifications!

Investing Teacher says:

kbwy for small cap reits dividends are 6% paid monthly.

Greg Kamei says:

Thanks for sharing these ideas. Always thought-provoking. Will have to look at Fundrise to augment my REIT holdings.

GenExDividendInvestor says:

Real Estate is not passive, but can be a great investment :). The most passive tangible real estate investing in my experience was NNN Commercial real estate — but even that pales in comparison to dividend REITs.

Bud Tugly says:

Best passive income so far is dividend investing. Tried owning a cab and my driver destroyed the transmission in three weeks, tried renting out my spare room to coworkers, every last one failed to pay rent and had to kick all seven out before I gave up on rental income. Dividends provide trouble free income.

Brazilian Gamer says:

There’s a place for all passive income strategies!! Stocks are making me pretty happy for the moment!!

Bud Tugly says:

Best book on rental real estate I have found: landlording on autopilot by mike butler 17.24 on Amazon. Mike a Kentucky cop will have you laughing so hard at his foibles in real estate you will pee yourself.

Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel says:

Don't wait to buy real estate,

buy real estate and wait.

Passive Income Tom says:

I think owning real estate has the tax deductions that stocks, REITs, fundrise and skmilar platforms don't have. 🤔

David G. says:


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