My tips for making passive income in 2019. (as a millionaire)

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Matthew Blake says:

man to many in adds…. omg

Faber says:

Techlead tip about how to make passive income in 2019: Make Youtube videos about how to make passive income.

jodelmeister20001 says:

Not to discourage anyone, but it's not impossible that once you finally become a millionaire techlead-rentier, you will recognize that true fulfillment is in things that are for free and you will just feel silly.

Oikeuars says:

ah yes, just get a channel with over 600k subscribers to click your shady reference links to make passive income. very nice

Hardcore Video Gamer says:

I don't believe this dude is getting a divorce. Because why would he get a cell for his ex-wife. Most YouTubers make lots of money by having there follower feel sorry for them.

Ligia Assis says:

hey my dude, really enjoying this new phase in your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge. keep going like this, looking forward to new stuff! techlead for president 2020

Zhengchen Su says:

No trolling? Disappointing

Barry Feldman says:

those glasses look good on you TechLead

Tiny Sheep says:

This is all fine and dandy, but how does one find those ideas for viable income sources? Like online courses website or YouTube channel about pogo's etc

Charm City Casino -Com says:

Creating Databases and Social Networks is the greatest form of passive income. Next would be software or applications as a service

CR Mogrovejo Guzman says:

Free breakfast…. that was hilarious 😂

PearlPerlita Venegas says:

My Sugar Daddy is my passive income!!!!

Yung Zay says:

Thanks daniel sheen

JJ 27 says:

(as a millionaire)

Disputationes says:

What a pretentious moron, putting “as a millionaire” in every video.

Just stop making videos already.

Huppim Muppim & Ard says:

Marriage is overrated…most people get it wrong…no need to hurry into that mess…

Huppim Muppim & Ard says:

We love you techlead please don't stop being our techlead.

Abdullah Shafique says:

reached your channel today and subscribed. Love your no bullshit…to the point approach. Keep going !!!. NOTHING will stop you. Subscribed

Adrian Wang says: SSl certificate is wrong

datapluscode says:

It's like he is trolling us and helping us at the same time… a millionaire

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