$52k Airbnb Investment Property That Generates $3k/mo Passive Income | Best Deal Ever Show | Ep. 3

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In today’s episode of The Best Deal Ever Show, you’re going to hear about an INSANE investment property deal that produces nearly $3k in passive income.

Our guest, Zeona McIntyre, has been investing in short term rental properties using Airbnb to generate insane returns with little effort and shares how you can do the same.

This is Zeona McIntyre’s BEST Deal Ever.


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BiggerPockets says:

👍 for Airbnb & short term rentals!

Let us know what you think of this deal below!

karthik v says:

She has her class wrong I dont think a low income house is B class.

Kirk Daniels says:

I was kinda suprised you mentioned the term super host, with explaining what it is

Ken MacDonald says:

Are those numbers gross or net? Sounds like gross numbers. I'd be interested in knowing what the net is.

Keith C. Brown says:

Love it – get that money young lady!

Mike Robinson says:

Ken Corsini has a million dollar voice. Great host and who doesn't love Zeona? Her strategy is fantastic and I love the knowledge she shares on her business. Crazy good tips in this episode!

Louis Porter says:

I love the idea of going to a new high end location and ask about doing AirBnB in their non sold condos. That is CRAZY smart!!!!!

The Wong Mindset says:

Holy moly. Get 70% of your money back in 1 year. Then free money forever after that..

Brandon Reed says:

Working on a similar deal for a 4 bedroom house for $54K in Indiana right now. College town with lots of alumni that come in for mostly sporting events. Four bedroom homes can get marked up to $350-$550 a night in the neighborhood during football season.

Millennial Stoner says:

Hahaha horrible lip sync 🤣

RAM Real Estate Investing says:

Yes I love collecting passive income on my units! Now posting my experiences on my channel! Thx for sharing!

Eloy Espinoza says:

Great thanks! Was wondering, how specifics can you be when listing a property? Can I list the one bedroom unit I rent for only three weekends out of the month? What type of permits or licenses do I need ?

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