Second Passive Income Rental Property

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Hey guys, in this video I do a quick tour of my second passive income rental property. This one is slightly bigger coming in at 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I’m going to be doing some of the same enhancements as I did with the first property. I look forward to getting this one rented out soon. Thanks for watching.

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lilrexy says:

Excited for this series Kyle! Please keep us updated! 😀

20,000 Subscribers 0 Videos says:

I just want to get pinned

lilrexy says:

I’m gonna have to watch this another time I’m a bit busy. I just wanted to say hi for now. Hi! 🙂

lilrexy says:

Ya ya btc kyle diversifying! 🙂

Odin says:

imagine going from an insomniac crypto trader to a multi-property landlord in a couple of years

Odin says:

lemme yoink that juicy content 😀

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