$5,000 for 5 mins work on Redbubble – Passive Income

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Explaining how I made over $5k for doing less than 5 minutes work on Redbubble. A success story that took time to become apparent. New video every week! Comments/questions/suggestions welcome.

My blog to document my passive income goals, which I literally set up a couple of days ago:

Join the rapidly growing Passive Owls Facebook community for help/advice from a group of awesome people:

One of my goals is to get 100 people making money with print on demand – 21/100 so far.

Redbubble – https://www.redbubble.com
TeePublic – http://tee.pub/lic/APItQXRuWss
Fiverr – https://www.fiverr.com/s2/05beed7d9a

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Robert C Lynch says:

Very inspiring. Thanks for uploading

Dali Poko says:

I've been doodling forever, stumbled upon RB and figured I'd at least try it. Started uploading designs to RB a few years ago. 30 or so designs later I'm making decent passive income (about $60 a month)….
Made ONE Rick and Morty design (pretty dope too) that got taken down for copyright reasons and my account has been black listed ever since. It's been about a year and not a single sale, not even a sticker on my most popular design.. 'twas good while it lasted.

Song Jihyura says:

I’m so impressed with

bréoShiaj says:

Another $6000 Paypal transfer was sent to me by expendablemoneysolution,com and they are cool

Jamilla Welch says:


Rin Channel - りんチャンネル says:

So i can pretty much post my RedBubble store link anywhere, and then 🙏🙏🙏

Marius Cristian Ciubotariu says:

Great video! Do you sell on Merch by Amazon as well?

SKD says:

This happened to me today.
I just uploaded a random design and after almost 6 months I made 2 sticker sale.

Deception- says:

U have a good voice

Olivia Konefal says:

I uploaded about 4 random sticker designs a couple weeks ago and have currently sold about 25 of them. Not a lot but makes my day each time I get an email 🙂

Harald Schirge says:

big thanks to hilltophackers,wordpress,com they just made me $30,000 i really appreciate them for this..

jedgreen says:

The first time a design sells it is put above other designs that did not on the RB search engin (even in a search by relevance). So yeah… sometimes all you have to do is wait for one or two sales and then your design gets more exposure and, if it is something that people like, you could see that design have multiple sales even if it never sold for weeks or even months before.

Akash K says:

my vectors and illustration

Thong Ho says:

Come and visit my store people. Drop me some advice or watever. My store is JohnathanKing

Janae Clarice says:

You need permission to use quotes. You can't just use other people's words to make money. That is intellectual property and they can sue you.

ben patience says:

Contact myself at redbubbleexpertadvice@gmail.com I am currently earning over £800 a month on Redbubble and for just £49.99 I will tell you everything you need to know! All of the things people are saying will work if you want to make a small amount of money per month but if you want to make thousands extra a year I know what you need to do and anyone can do it I assure you 🙂

Julie Oliver says:

I really love your youtube videos! I would love to be a part of your passive owl on facebook. I learned a lot from you. but the red bubble is still not trigging

No Thing says:

This is why the real independent artists don't stand a chance and it is not fair at all.

lahlou says:

Inspiring thanks you so much
you have an amazing voice!

YOur Product says:

Passive Owl, You mean that this comment that you found was niche specific? or just random totally different niche, what you were not making before? On the Redbubble it is better to make related campaigns for one account and if I want to make designs in new niche, its better to create new account on Redbubble right?

Sébastien BRICAUD says:

Thanks you so much ! How many of time , does it take to be paid ? Thanks again !

Emma Cao says:

Thanks for the helpful video 🙂 I just started out on Redbubble and would really appreciate it if anyone scrolling down the comments visited my shop @emmupaints 💓

J. Thompson says:

You're right. I'm not a designer at all, but after I uploaded 100 designs to Merch, one of them seems to really be taking off (only sold 2 other designs – 1 of each). Recently, I uploaded that winning shirt to RB and other sites. Hoping it's a long-term winner, but also motivated now to keep uploading and designing to get that next gold nugget : )

NaSHINe Works says:

I am super sorry but I can only boil this all down to you just been extremely lucky, it was nothing more than that srry

Neko Series says:

3 months in RB, 1 sticker and 3 T-Shirts.

Shadi Blasi says:

Thanks bud! You motivated me A LOT in your 3min video

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