The Truth About Passive Income Real Estate Investing

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The Truth About Passive Income Real Estate Investing

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99codemister says:

All valid points. I feel you forgot something: As landlord you must understand all legal protections you have from your tenants and all legal protections your tenants has against you.

You must understand every law that effects your lease agreement. You must understand every law that effects your property.

The legal work is not small.

skylinec83 says:

Great episode. Real estate isn’t as passive as one thinks. Most times I feel that it’s a second or third job rather than that “grass is greener” or “sit back and collect rent” pasture that people think it is.

Having cash reserves brings so much peace of mind against the external pressures of mortgage, tenants’ occupancy laws, getting the repair work done ASAP (many times regardless of cost).

Definitely not for the feint of heart.

Incredible Similarity says:

This episode comes from "Passive Income Exposed : Three Ways to Acually make money". I think the two gents are way too busy to make new podcasts on a daily basis.

I think the producer just cut this section out of a longer episode.
The Money Guys give excellent advice.


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