The Best Passive Income Idea That Actually Works!

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The Best Passive Income Idea That Actually Works!

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Agent_WestCoast A says:

Some ETF & stock REITs are expensive, but if you use MI Finance you can buy fractional shares and reap all the benefits (Growth & dividends).

Travis Williams says:

Love passive income I get from investments

Common Sense NOT too common says:

You are totally missing the reason so many people tout real estate as a get rich quick scheme. The reason is this is the only investment the average person can successfully leverage themselves to a high degree. This leveraged risk can create significant profits. I personally do not use real estate in this way but it can be powerful because few people could otherwise control an asset twice or more their yearly income. This creates opportunity for the wise.

Most people who do real estate investing overestimate the amount of money they make from this type of investing. They actually create at least a part time job managing and being the contractor and often doing the physical work to remodel a place. This extra job accounts for all of their profits and they had to take high risk and invest money to acquire the job.

I like the rental income portfolio technique for "FIRE". This can be a source for sustainable income for a lifetime. That is powerful. When you have covered your "nut", monthly living expenses by rental income then you have a life free to save for wealth or try any number of things since you are no longer required to work a regular work schedule for a corporation.

Dalton Gilbert says:

This was a great show. Passive income from investments like this has such a low barrier of entry – I’m sure a lot of people are going to benefit from this episode.

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