How to Make Passive Income Online: Why I Make $50,000 a Month!

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Hey what’s going on my friend I’m glad you stopped by this video today. I got some great information and ideas for you today! I’m going to show you how to make passive income online. There are a lot of videos out there that claim to show you how to do this, and most of them are just trying to get clicks on their YouTube videos, but I’m going to show you the real deal on how to do this my friend.

Earning passive income is not hard once you know how to do it, and that’s what I will be breaking down to you today in the above video. If you haven’t watched it yet do so now. I’m going to be giving you a few passive income opportunities that will change your life, if you don’t know what passive income streams are… it’s basically when you can generate money while you’re not actively in the job all the time.

Passive income investing have to be done right, because you can lose a lot of money in this game. I’m going to share with you some passive income sources and examples you can get started with the right way today.

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Glenn Mulliken says:

Hey Jay. If I can do it . I think you said it's cool to promote your videos. But I'm still figuring this out.

Glenn Mulliken says:

Watching your vids Jay , I think these will probly help more than any .

Gincei tou's says:

Awesome am very interested in this video…. Keep it up 🤗🤗

Brn Mdiaz says:

$30k–$50k per month? 🤔🤥Lmfao…😏

Vuyiswa Sigagayi says:

You are so genuine … With you there are no grey areas… Thumbs up !!!

Sharod Be'Ans says:

Do you have a one on one coaching course?

Sharod Be'Ans says:

hey jay can you help me so I can generate a passive income?

Kirill Vitovsky says:

Jay Brown
How will you be contacted?

Be Yourself Bd says:

Can i have your Email ID ?

RealestRealist says:

Fiverr is awesome !

RealestRealist says:

I am going to have every income producing asset possible this time

RealestRealist says:

Good Lord, man. It's been years since I made affiliate income. It was awesome. Especially the revshare programs. After awhile even had true passive income coming in. It's awesome

Dano1947 says:

Are you sitting in your 20,000,000 Beverly Hills mansion?

From Hellish,to Wellish! says:

I need something on phone.
No computer,unless I go to library

CPN Number says:

how can I contact you?

Learn without limit says:

info please…….

Mister A says:

you motivated me sir love you

victoria barber says:

So I wouldn’t make any money if no one purchases the things that I advertise ? This is a question from another video that I have seen

matt I. says:

Has anyone tried this? So many scams out there

Tolgahan Bozkurt says:

Do you have an email to contact with?

Dylan Prescott says:

This is my new favorite channel.

67dobbie says:

Hey jay, do you have a way i can pm you? Love your product by the way.

Ibrahim Adan says:

A broke guy telling people how to make money
Why should you mislead the public in exchange with views

Sam Johnson says:

hi we request subscribers here to be careful of this man,he is a scammer jay brown,he is being asking websites to pay for videos he will create for promotion,he takes away money and never delivers work,please dont take his services or follow him.we have all evidences.

Granny Is roood says:

My email is
Please contact me to discuss about promoting my link to right audience, I am happy to pay for my promotion

Granny Is roood says:

Hi jay , really impressed your videos, I don't know if it's real or not but you made me convinced.
I sign up with your link and upgrade my product to 2500 with Legendary marketers, really struggling to get real profitable future in this business but I really need your help about promoting. Please tell me how I can cont you.
We can talk about real business in way of promoting. You knows ins and outs now , that's why I think you can Lead me to success

Joshua Todd says:

Can you Gmail me about the legendary marketing affiliate

Soya says:

Thank you for the knowledge and motivation Jay. You are the reason I signed up for Legendary Marketer last night and I am really hoping that with all of the dedication and effort I put forth that this works and sky rockets for me the way that it has for you.

Kalen Roth says:

What if I don't want to start an online business but work just online? Could I possibly work for you whenever and where ever I wanted to Jay?

Sworup Pradhan says:

Can you show me more proof about this system.

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