How he went from $0 to $100k in Passive Income with Real Estate.

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Here’s the story of EXACTLY HOW Chandler David Smith went from $0 in wealth to over $6,000,000 in real estate control yielding over $100,000 in annual cash flow by 28 years old. No inheritance, no gifts, just hard work and real estate knowledge. NEW CODE expires 10-19-2019: *10xTheFish* Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Sales & in-person events: Next stop: Miami THIS SATURDAY, San Fran, Vegas.

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Meet Kevin says:

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C Dub says:

I hate all door to door salesman

LadyPlantz Alot says:

Did he try to sell fish.

K Face says:

lol we came in and bought it and doubled everyone's rent. Merry Christmas tenants :O

Petr Sobol says:

Did they GET YOU FOR THAT ANDREW YANG VIDEO? Tell us about what happened!!

Linda's REI Esquina says:

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂laughed the wholevideo

Linda's REI Esquina says:

This video didn't have so many ads👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏼

Linda's REI Esquina says:

Love that you're a big kid 👍🏼😂♥️

Linda's REI Esquina says:

I'm having a blast watching you on the skis🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Linda's REI Esquina says:

I love your enthusiasm

Linda's REI Esquina says:


Linda's REI Esquina says:

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣nice landing

jonathan bell says:

Watch out for these 2 clowns, they like to harass the comment section.

Dan Malm says:

I’d like to know if he is as stringent in his prospective tenant interviews as you are

TruthFLA says:

Gentrification 101

Marc Globensky says:

When I was in the military I bought a four plex when I was married and stayed in all the units while rehabbed them and rose the rents. After I got out of the military I went to AZ my home and tryed to repeat that process and quickly realized I couldn’t get a 30 year fixed loan traditionally. I started flipping homes and lost my ass doing that now I’m rebuilding everything after bk and working. I plan to work a w2 income for the next two years while I work to save a little money and then “move back to tx or other four plex wedge locations next to military/college towns. Where I’ll fha my next home hopefully by this point between my doors by that time I’ll be able to start leveraging equity and credit again to buy more. There is a 24 unit apartment in Texas that has been for sale for a few years going for 250000 I know for a fact this is a great deal just don’t have any way to get this deal alone I drove by and looked at all the units I was doing the numbers on it if I bought it 250k dumped 250k in renovations and put tenants at market rent in there it would be worth 750k or more and have a 10% cap rate… yes I’m aware lower caps are worth more but look higher caps by definition mean the value of a property produces higher rents… though we see commercial property being sold at low caps and low to medium rents…

tosorockz says:


Angel Gonzalez says:

This two guys doing everything on cold weather like it's summer. XD

So So says:

Was funny as hell

Jamal White says:

Best video I ever watched on real estate by far

Boo Hoo says:

$750 for those POS. Bs once the new apartments and the supply and demand isnt so crappy good luck u slum Lord!!!!

Bdpjev says:

Only in America. God bless this country

The Dongstein says:

So you’re basically glorifying a slum lord 👍🏻

Carmen s says:

Your entertaining Kevin !!!

K H says:

Glambo. LMAO!

Casey Anthony says:

This is definitely one of your best videos. I've only been watching you a few weeks and I finally had a chance to make a comment. A realistic Baseline of how to start a business. Sorry about the typos I'm on the elliptical in the gym using voice to text… anyway, I intend on seeing you on one of your dates for your tour next year. I'll see you then introduce myself. Keep up the good work. I'm sharing your videos with my friends in the Philippines and Around the World.

Wadley225 says:

Why are all the cars black?  Black is an UGLY color, it sows every speck of dust and every scratch, scuff, dent, and ding.  I owned a black car once, and never again!

Esper Echo says:

How do you know whether or not the “rents” are low or just right? From others around the property do you base it on the rent that’s around the property

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