Passive Income: 5 MUST KNOW TIPS. Don't start without knowing these.

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Traiano Welcome says:

French press coffee… The drink of Kings.

Joshep Hand says:

Sunny said I heard this story before

Yeng Nami says:

if anyone is worried about social status. although you are already generating too much passive income streams. simply build a small company and become the CEO/Owner/President or however you wanna call it. not only you uplifted your status if thats what you care about. but you also gave another group of people financial capabilities to pursue also their dreams.

Sirius says:

"social status" lol fuck that, give me the money.

Jeanno Cheung says:

Google Cloud Tote Bag at the back

李越 says:

That wooden robot thing is actually pretty cool

Cheri Watts says:

I’m filing for divorce right now!

Cheri Watts says:

While you were working 2 jobs and creating passive income your wife was packing, leaving you and taking your son.

RepoGamesStudio says:

Humm u wont get as much money working 9to5 in one job than having a couple of own cmpanies. And its more fun having ur own companies. Becoming a boring person doing site hustle ? Naah u must be boring wo it

Nickolas Lim says:

Only real estate is the real passive income, the rest is just second jobs bs.

Herman Tselinsky says:

My gosh his coffee looks so good

XWolven says:

Who wants to hear about your job? Screw that, many people would be interested in hearing about travelling and doing fun things as well as making passive income, stock trading, etc… It's bullshit that your status would drop unless your just boring in which case you don't have status anyway.

Marcus Conn says:

I hate spending my most value thing in life, MY TIME, at a 8-5pm job. This kind of career work literally sucks the life out of you! Work on generating passive income, i.e. Real Estate Rentals, and peruse your passion. Mine is industrial Arts! I want to create bizarre ass shit that will make people stop and think… maybe they will buy it. I really don't care. I just want to create…and it will happen.

Mort Kebab says:

Are you a Curiosity Stream subscriber or do you just say that because they pay you to?

Adam says:

what were the 5 tips? not even a recap? damn…

Dnomyar Akunawik says:

This guy never had a wife or a kid. He is not living with his parents either. He is a funny troll.

cuartin cuartin says:

I AGREE IN SOME THINGS BUT NOT AT ALL IN OTHERS 🙂 EXAMPLE: min 8:20aprox, he says: "they want to know what you do, what are you up to? what are your interests?", that people is will not be interested in how you can leave a life in the beach but what you do as career… My opinion is that this in and out itself is a rabbit hole because your interests are not exactly what you do for work but what you do when you are not working, only with time in your hands you can even have interests, otherwise you are making true the interests of the company you work for… I think American middle class people will think as you explained, but the American rich or the midle class in other countries will be more interested in you if you are a person who dont have to work and can fully put all that time in your hobbies, art, etc…

iclal eroglu says:

Why are his videos so addictive?

gian maria tirelli says:

Passive income is Ponzi scheme.

Sandro Nelis says:

500$ for a day of uber ?!

web_dev 2019 says:

Uber is good for instant cash. Like you can make 200+ in 8-9 hours in the right market. And I think it’s fun.

Exsul says:

I love how "sitting on the beach" is the only thing the Tech Lead can imagine lazy people doing. Has he never heard of MMOs? XD

Oscar Brewer says:

I somewhat disagree on your point that passive income gets weaker over time because if it is reinvested regularly by an expert it will grow stronger than any career could, even as a CEO of Facebook

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