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Let’s talk about how to earn passive income through crypto lending and how to get a crypto-backed fiat loan.
Go to and click “Get the app” at the top.


Ivan on Tech says:

To try this out go to and click "Get the app" at the top.

Moka hless says:

Hmm. That wasn't a review. It was an overview of the UI.
I was hoping you'd go over what makes Celcius different from Bitconnect or BS&T (Bitcoin Savings & Trust).

Chad Fincher says:

Can you please show me your bank account number and password! Thank you!

Great Days says:

7.5% on usdc , 4% on TGBP now too . 💪.
They progressed so much within a year period.

Celsius Network says:

Thanks, Ivan!

j Lucid says:

Where does the lovely interest come from? 10% sounds too good to be true right.., if I could hold one key of a multisig I'd feel more secure

Mcbreezy says:

Ive been using Celsius for a year now, i refuse to store my BTC ETH LTC with them however. I can tolerate the possibility losing my shitcoins, nothing else.

alan maribor says:

Lambardni credit…
Last time, when i took this credit 2008 in to stock, i lose investment😉


Great channel I wake up every morning to it like an atomic clock lol

Jan Orr says:

I downloaded the Celsius App. I'm going to try it out!

A. JAY says:

So they give 10% Loan to BTC Value? huh, and zero guarantee? scary Ivan, not sure why you even brought this up kiddo? 1.5 BTC locked as collateral for lousy $3000 ?

Anabolic Crypto says:

Any news from utrust Ivan?

buzz buzz beekeeper says:

Bad idea. Exit scam with your crypto or company folds from bad lending habits..

al qubes says:

miserable Schill

David Müller says:

I was so scared that you will say that a law is coming where holding bitcoin is taxable uh


With NEXO great site

MrSpilleren says:

Bitcoin is not anonymous and therefore I recommend transferring every transaction through a bitcoin mixer. helixbygrams(.)com

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