7 Types of Income Millionaires Have [How the Rich Make Money]

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The 7 Types of Income Millionaires Have – Did you know that the average millionaire has around 7 sources of income?

Not all income sources are the same. Some types of income are passive income some are active income. Many people ask, how to make passive income? But what most don’t realize is that there are different ways the rich make money, especially passive income.

There are 7 sources of income of the rich. Here you finally get to answer the burning question, what is residual income? And how do the rich get it?

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We also include an example of how the Author J.K rolling made so much money and what type of income she made.

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Jayashree Shreedharan says:

Bastard when u die how will u carry it

Teresa Kerr says:

Id like to add all 7.

Johnson Kids says:

I don't know much of anything but I think what he is saying is you start it out by working then save then move up to build another income producing stream then to another then to another. Let me know what you think please leave your comments below.

Aristote Kalenda says:

Why passive income and portfolio income are not listed?

Payal Adwani says:

Fixed deposit

Rush Lindsay says:

Residual/ Royalty income

Travis Williams says:

Almost to all 7! Dividend income is extremely easy. My rentals provide monthly cash flow but there are some repairs every now and then. Real estate and the stock market can benefit anyone and help you get on a path to financial freedom. I grew up poor and no one I knew invested at all. You can do it! I make videos about some tips too!

Suman Kumari says:

Please also upload 144p video as my internet speed is less

Boosted Fortè says:

I currently have two streams of income. Active and passive. Job and dividends. Trying to figure out what else to do.

Abdur Amin says:


It's Fact says:

Thanks brother 👍

Nikhil Vasanth says:

Rental income

Jalal rka says:

The best income is the property rental. My next ıncome source will be the interest rates from banks

coffee stout says:

Less than 4 years ago, I had zero to one of these (depending on the job situations). Now I have 3 of these and am working on Interest Income now. Need to pay down some debt that's built up overtime to work on my favorite of these (Rental Income), albeit it is a form of income which requires capital as well as hard work (the payout is nice, though).

I am also about to double Earned Income. If you had told me I would be in this position 5 years ago, I would have laughed.

TheRealNikRichh says:

great video have 1,6 working on something else now 🤞🏽

Ryan Cabañeles says:

Excellent video

The World is Your Lobster says:

Yes a little over my head but very understandable to plan for the future.  thanks

Roshan Sahani yes no3 says:

I would like to learn more about dividend income and capital gains..
This content helped me so I appreciate that….

Kurt Bond says:

How long have you been doing this?

Celebrities Buzz TV says:

Rental Income sounds so good to me.

ja E says:

These incomes convinced me that sometimes hardwork can really beat talent. 🙏👍

Drone Ninja says:

Two thumbs up, valid information, presented well,subject recommended. Thank you!

Aji Kurnia says:

Number 3 is not allowed in Islam.

Mark Castro says:

Hello, I have only three ways of trying to make income to come to me. The first idea I had was, as a business, I would try to make new products through a manufacturer, but not without the help of a invention company that would only need my great ideas to promote brand names from manufacturers that would use only their names on the product, with a promise to pay me my share from sales. Of which I think is alright because those manufacturers are very popular among buyers. For me to make a well known brand, it will take millions. The invention company wants around $10,000 from me. The second way I thought of, is by making books, of which I am the author, and selling them through a book invention company. I will need around $5,000 to make the books and sell them to the market. The third way to make money is by hanging on to a job, and start investing in books to be made and inventions to be made. How can I get help to raise money for those ideas?

A Gentleman Of Leisure says:

Residuals & Royalties R&R

crispy ice cream says:

I would most likely add Product Income and Capital Gains

Pal Kaposi says:

there is also a goverment subsidized stimulus package income with non-returnable funding…

Dayday Simmons says:

Profit income the next is rental income then divided for share holder .

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