Pay home loan emi from passive income|regular income|wealth creation & investment ideas for begin

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What is Passive Income
Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or another enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. As with active income, passive income is usually taxable. Portfolio income is considered passive income by some analysts, so dividends and interest would, therefore, be considered passive.

What is sip??
A systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle, where an investor makes fixed, regular payments into a mutual fund, to reap the benefits of long-term investing. It helps you gain exposure to your selected asset class through the investment of a small or large amount of money, at fixed intervals and in a disciplined manner. Benefits of a SIP The compounding factor: make your money work for you by generating earnings that are further reinvested to generate their own earnings. The compounding process ensures that both the capital gains and interest earned from an investment, earn interest, as time passes. Rupee cost averaging: trump the maxim “buy low, sell high” by automatically adjusting quantity bought against price, to average the cost of acquisition over time. Investing a fixed amount in the markets, at regular intervals helps lower the average cost of investment, as one buys more quantity when the price falls, and less quantity when the price rises. Market timing becomes redundant: invest wisely across market cycles, reducing the impact of volatility. Since investments are made at fixed regular intervals, timing the market for appropriate entry levels becomes less important. I have explained the wise way to use the credit card in short, you have to make the payment in full always, as credit card debt is a vicious circle. I have also explained why you need a financial planner.

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Mr.kushal Rokade says:

Thanks SIR for this video aaj se hi mai bhi investment started karunga

Kaumil Sathwara says:

"Student Passive Income kase junrate Kare"? Financial Education of recurring revenue make video.

Nagji Prajapati says:

Thank you sir

Biswajit Sarkar says:

Good video, but mutual fund doesnt give 12% return on continuous basis. It depends on market scenario and goes negative also, so return on invested amount also varies.

Hemant Singh says:

Your video makes us Vigilant about saving investing and Financial Independent

Sanjit Naskar says:

thank you very much sirr… awasome vedio..

Doberman Archi says:

Hello! Very nice video! Like it! I invested in Prizm cryptocurrency! So far, very happy! What can you say about this cryptocurrency? New Paramining technology allows you to earn money every second!

რანჯან რავი says:

Still student sir but I am also investing in mutual fund since October last year…

Prasanna Belawadi says:

Views on Fisdom n scripbox type apps

Abhilash Mondal says:

Thankyou for this awesome video

Aminul Islam says:

Helpful information.

Praveen P. Biradar says:

Nice sir

But my salary is very low almost 15 se start hua hai abhi 22 hai

Abhik Paul says:

Woww sir one of the most valuable knowledge…. Thank you sir

Fun & Entertainment says:

Risk tolerance please? What is the strategy when market get crash? How about those passive 8ncome on those days as we know mortgage is fixed at any market condition.

Somdev Singh says:

Nice video sir g

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