How To Invest $1,000: 6 Ways To Start Making Passive Income!

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How to invest $1000 without waiting years to make money form it! Investing is great but if you do it wrong it sucks and you wont make anything for a long time or somethings nothing at all.
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Sorry dog wasn’t in the video lol.

If you want to invest $1000 or less it’s a good idea to actually do it correctly. The entire point of investing is to make money… good money.

Most people will tell you to invest $1000 in stocks or long term funds, that’s a great idea if you want super slow returns. Could you imagine investing into a fund thats pays something like $3% a year in dividend payouts and grows about 2% a year? that means you would get $30 a year in dividends and you stock is worth $20 more on top of that…. waste of time.

There are plenty of other things you can invest money into and get a better return quicker.

If you are going to put money into funds keep putting it in. Put in $20+ a week or something and you get a better return over time. Also Im not talking about day trading, I’m talking about putting $1000 into a long term fund.

If you want to know how to invest $1000 and how to invest for beginners watch this video all the way to the end.

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Franklin Hatchett says:

My Recommended Ways To Make Money!…
➡️Full eCom Training + Mentorship:
➡️Full Affiliate Training + Mentorship:

Joseph Carrino says:

time stamps

Camila Azevedo says:

As a beginner I had to go through a whole lot of trouble for hardly any profit. This ended when I started to earn an average $18,000 a month from my stock investments under my broker Mr. Norman Watson.

Triztan 369 says:

I clicked on this because of the dog 🐶, ok i'm half joking, btw Great content, Franklin, thanks.

AJ Alexander says:

Hey what CD was that @2:10 ?? I kno u put a lot of money in it but I am interested in it….

Keith Patterson says:

I invested in a stock once a few years ago. Looking for something cheap to try it out. Bought a cheap 0.75 cents stock just purchased 4 shares for the heck of it. That was about 3 years ago and now the stock is at $6.47. I really wish I knew what I was doing and could tell the company was going to do good things.

Ron Buckner says:

You seem like such a great guy. You have non-native English speakers working your customer service. They are extremely rude when you do ask for a refund. Shame on you man, people are trying to learn. Don't be like the other hundreds of people that only are interested in making a buck. I'm sure you've made enough. So disappointed in your business practices

WorldTraveler says:

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James Fort says:

Vids are always straight 🔥. Thanks for this!

Cathy A says:

Bummer, lots of sales pitches from other YouTubers on your video here. I hate that!! You can afford to eliminate that junk!

Nero says:

I love how calm and honest you are. I get a sense of genuine from you which is a breath of fresh air compared to those who are always hype in their videos lol

Klaas says:

Frank what's more profitable , affiliate marketing or dropshipping?

BlueDollarBull says:

Make hay while the sun shines, then BTFD(Buy The Frickin' Dip).

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