My Passive Income Story ($0 – $3000/month by age 24)

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Today we’re discussing passive income, and my personal story of how I was able to build up to $3000 per month by age 24!

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Aussie Wealth Creation says:

Did anyone get a Redbubble ad before the video? Hmm the ad algorithm is smart…

Philipp Quos says:

Thx for your honesty and no bs agenda!

Thomas Carvo says:

Awesome video! congrats on building things up to this point.

Your Best Life says:

Thank you very much for this information and for being honest about how much hard work it is to maintain a passive income stream.

Xavier Mathias says:

Love the honesty dude and that fact your being so real with everyone 💯👊🏽

Jewel Rana says:

You look like Mark Zuckerburg. By the way, I am from Bangladesh. I love watching your videos.

Tristan Simpson says:

Finally. Someone who tells the truth.

Lost_Jungleasian says:

This is kinda weird. I work for Elon, wearing my Tesla shirt while watching your video, learning more about passive income.

Joseph P. Tilman says:

Courtesy of my trader Mr Leon Marceli, I’ve been able to groom a total earning of $32,730 in the last seven weeks from my stock investments. Opting for his brokerage services has been the most effective move I’ve made in passive income generation. Should anyone need his assistance he could be reached via +48-732-104-457

Blaise Parnell says:

What about money from dividends?

Silver Wolf says:

If this is really your supposed "passive income". You don't know anything about passive income then, go read on it and stop blabbering your mouth.

ashley stokes says:

What company did you use for matched betting tutorials and software? Great channel by the way ✌

Meaty but the Same says:

That’s $36000 that’s maccas pay

Always Winning says:

Can you exchange say … $200 worth of Ethereum for Bitcoin for like $100 of bitcoin? Just throwing numbers out there

Investing Engineered says:

I’ve been building my passive income streams through dividends and high interest payments!

Great video 👍

angelo senlob says:

good work, good compensation. Watch competitors !

Shen Shy says:

mayve in 70ties 80 nineties today its nothing

Shen Shy says:

still 3000 today is nothing buddy,if its ur active a countries like here,and ur it disseapears fast after u pay bills taxes and foods drinks very basic all

Reward Kunda says:

You look like Mark Zuckerberg

Alex Campili says:

Love passive income. I feel that if you are always creating videos/passive income streams, then you can also think of it like its active income but you are slowly increasing your hourly rate. also its more related to a salary job where like you said, you can have a sick day and still get paid. great work.

Marius Cristian Ciubotariu says:

Very well done, mate! I'm in the process of getting started with YouTube on similar topics you talk about. I want to do this to help others who have never been taught about money and personal finances. It's crazy how we go for so many years to school, but don't learn anything about this subject.

Liked & subscribed

Stephen Oshea . says:

enjoying your videos

UdaalPorga says:

I like how articulate you are for someone of your age

Fluctuation says:

I'm 24 but I only make 1k a month passive so far. I'm trying to ramp it up to around 10k via real estate, but I gotta lot of fucking work to do

Alex Canton says:

Youtube is designed so its creators continue to make videos. They don't incentivise people to make one video then stop and retire. Calling Youtube videos passive income is fairly misguided as you are indirectly working for Youtube amongst the millions of others who create videos too. There's a reason Youtuber's from 2008 are mostly still posting videos today. The real winners are Google (owns Youtube) and advertisers. You are just the pawn between them.

Iron Built Fitness says:

Great video! 🙂 How long do you think you could stop making videos for, don't even log in to your YouTube account and still see a good amount of passive income role in each month?

Will Jones says:

That was a genuinely good video

zachary aldridge says:

where did you get that hoodie?

Mike H says:

Thanks for your honesty with this information. I've been a subscriber for a while now and your videos are always useful. Keep up the great work!

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