Why Passive Income WON’T Work For YOU!

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Think about it: Why is it that two people can take a course one person fails calls it a “scam” but the other goes on to make 20k/mo using methods?

It comes down to the person not the method. Everything works these days if backed up by massive action and the right strategy. BUT there are 3 BIG mistakes I see people make when it comes to passive income. It comes down to these 3 archetypes.

Which one are you?


– Thinking when I have ________ then I can act.
– Planning is BIGGEST form of procrastination.
– For me: writing outlines, editing music perfect levels, doing thumbnail 100% right, etc. NONE of which have make or break in the amount of content I post. THAT’S what’s driving revenue.
– Don’t confuse busy with productive!

– Boat pointed in the wrong direction it doesn’t matter how hard you row.
– SO many opportunities – all work!
– just like some people’s diets work great but suck for others — same with opportunities online! The biggest question to ask yourself:

1. What’s EASY (almost effortless for you to do)
2. What makes you look awesome?

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Clark Kegley - Refusing to Settle says:

Hope you dig this video, Refuser! Which one of the 3 are YOU? Let’s finish this year strong. Can’t wait for what’s to come with you. Follow behind the scenes on IG @clarkkegley

Shanny Mel’s Spirit says:

That opportunity jumper is sort of me 🤣. But now I’ve learned to give things a try, for longer-and I’m seeing way more results by doing so. Being devoted is key.

Justin Gordon says:

1x for the algorithm

Nico Moreno says:

Thanks so much for the awesome video Clark 🔥 This will definitely help me grow my Online Business and Make More Money Online!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

Open I says:

I follow you since about a year, mostly on youtube, and your content is great! You are authentic and I really appreciate this ! Like in this one too, you are talking about your struggle and not just showing the wins ! 😊 Keep up, we are counting on you ! 👍💪

Naturenerd1000 says:

For all those people that want to plan everything to be perfect and organized most of the time you will not achieve that goal untill you start and revise then make improovements to your process several times.

Matthew L says:

Dude there's nobody on YouTube like you, just had to say that, I respect and appreciate your work man 💪

DarkSagan says:

Yeah Ive been stuck myself.

Jye Foster says:

I'm definitely the opportunity jumper 😂

Peter Pan says:

Paralysis by analysis

Bboy. Tony says:

First thing, I thought was, is this fuck*r trying to discourage me, Warran Buffet said, "if you don't find a way to make passive income you will die working" he's right and this guy's a frod, a try hard demotivator.

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