Real Passive Income Review | Make Money While you Sleep 😴

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Goood Afternoon SIDE HUSTLING FAMILY! I find it so frustrating that so many people are talking about passive income but not showing actual results, what is real from what is not, and if they are actually walking what they are talking. Today I am showing you REAL NUMBERS no BS and you can see exactly how I made the returns that I am making! Here is one of my Real Passive Income Review | Make Money While you Sleep 😴 Let me know if you like these kinds of videos!

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Kat Theo

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Kat Theo says:

This video was pretty long and thorough but let me know if you are interested in seeing more NON-BS passive income ideas that I use to make money while I sleep. I show you my real account and my real numbers. Like this video, if you appreciate that! 🙂
Thank you!
Kat Theo

Shanen So Sassy says:

Found your YouTube today & I’ve been obsessed ever since lol

Mac Kelly says:

I enjoy your videos , thank you

Galaxy Unicorn says:

The only legit and honest channel about money, you’re amazing

Destiny Skai says:

Hey guys , I’m a business consultant who is on a mission to help women live life on their own terms & create freedom . If you need any business coaching on how to start up and much more you can shoot me a dm via @bornfemales on Instagram 💕 Best wishes !

Lynn Lynn says:

Do they go to collections to get your money back?

klanway says:

This is interesting. Thank you Kat!

Florence Lewis says:

Thanks for the info, Kat. I knew about The Lending Club, but I never got around to finding out how it really worked. Guess I'll be lending to some people, lol. BTW… Love your channel and energetic personality!

Robert Williams says:

Coming from someone who has been actively investing/trading in the stock market for several years, I see a lot of similarities from the way you explain lending club to my experience with the stock market.. The main difference I see is there seems to be a shorter learning curve with lending club.

dj rik rak says:

You sure made my pockets bigger 😂😂 😂 thanks again

Sheila M says:

Let’s make some more money!

Sheila M says:

Definitely interested in seeing more non BS passive income videos! Thanks again for another great video, Kat!!

harry trevenen says:

Curious about loan application verification. In theory someone with excellent credit could take out a long term low interest loan, turn around and lend those funds into short term high interest loans, not risking their own capitol.

Katrina Enjoy Life says:

Finally! Useful information from a beautiful person. 💰

Brenda Rivas says:

Thanks for the demonstration Kat. I really needed this 🙂

Shiru Macharia says:

More please! This is so good

Jacob Barlow says:

Great video as always, and I like the new hair.

Blessing Bibian says:

I love your channel. You should give me an award for commenting first again 😂. Thanks for the content though. Gotta watch 💃

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