Passive income february 2019 I made $11,000 this month 4 ways

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In this video I will be talking about how I’m making Passive income in february 2019. I made $11,000 this month (4 ways). I talk about my youtube ad revenue. Google Adsense. Amazon and other affiliate partnership I have as well as what I’m going through like not gaining as many subscribers as before and the worst of all, going through copystrike issues.

This video was inspired by Financial Wolf which you could check out here:
Nate 0’Brien which you could check out here:

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These are affiliate links. I make a small commission if you buy something which I use to invest into giving out more free.99 knowledge. Thank you for all the support I’ve been getting.
I will try to cover these topics today.
Passive income february 2019. I made $11,000 this month (4 ways)
Youtube ad revenue
Google adsense
Passive income revenue


Filleigh Finance says:

Keep up the good work man, inspiration right here

MalarkeyMan says:

Omg congrats man👍 You’re a true hustler and I can see you growing in the future

SDMC 1 says:

Restoring my faith in mankind with every video. Don’t change

Max Ime says:

Man you're so real, love your videos. Also hate those jaleous people reporting or claiming copyrights. Keep going man!

Jonson Doe says:

How do you protect yourself from being copyrighted like they did to you? And how about being one of the first owners of a funky ass japanese vending machines? I dont even know if they are legal here but they got some crazy ass tech machines over there.

Melinda Francis says:

You inspire me. I feel so lost but you give me hope whenever I watch these.

Sam Pak says:

Reyes please change your glasses
Gets lasik
You look like dirk.
Invest on your bling
Wear some blings
Gold chain… Rings
Dress up…
Spent some money on look
Get plastic surgery.
Dress up.

dion dennis says:

How do you get an affiliate link

John Way says:

Awesome content.

louis p constant says:


Juana Olivera says:

I honestly like to watch your start up plan videos because your so informative, and give your honest opinion. I’m also hooked because you consistently continue to strive for bigger and better things and take us on that journey. I just started watching your channel and I’m so impressed how far you’ve from living in your car to where you are now. I hope you never lose that determination. Dios te Bendiga en todos tus empeños!

Dwayne The Man says:

When did things start declining? Was it after you started a FB page and Instagram pages? If you have those and Youtube also, don't you think that you are thinning out your own viewers and followers over three different platforms? If you merely concentrated on Youtube and kept your audience here then you have a chance at making a million subscribers before Jan of next year. But as long as you keep watering down your own name it's never going to happen. Keep it in one place and keep doing what you are doing, but here.

Dwayne The Man says:


goku suky says:

Hey Reyes I watched the commercials because you deserve more money bro🤠

Ball Cappin says:

Watch out for the fly at 5:01 lol

francisco arguelles says:

Bro… You're my favorite channel right now.. Keep it up. I love all the free99 knowledge. I draw my own designs and get my own shirts printed just so I can wear them people ask me where they could buy them I might start a shirt business myself. You've inspired me!!!!!

Last struGGle says:

Keep striving bro 💸💯

Berg’s Corner says:

very very cool. Good for you brother! I'm only at a little over 1700 a month in income from rent and dividends. Thanks for posting.

Logan Callahan says:

Damn, BUT REYES! 🤣 11K a month? I wish jeezus bro killin it

sneaker druggie says:

Keep your head up

JV Diseños says:

The copyright issue is usually a big company claiming that for no reason, keep an eye on it. I heart it from a 'Luisito comunica' video

swaggmafia100 says:

Reyes don’t just dooooo hustle videos. Videos like this gives us more genuine perspective of you. Soo keep these up as much as your hustle ones. You might not get the same amount of traffic but the real ones watching :). The money is in just content :p

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