How To Make Passive Income with $1000

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Lets talk about the holy grail of business, investing, and financial independence: How To Make Passive Income With $1000.

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Now the FIRST method is probably the most common, it’s also the most EASY…and that’s using $1000 to buy Dividend Stocks.
A stock pretty much represents a small ownership in a company. And in exchange for being a very, very, VERY small owner in the company – you get a tiny amount of their earnings, which is usually paid out every 4 months as a dividend. And when it comes to dividend stocks, there’s no shortage of them out there with varying degrees of profit.

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Now the SECOND way to make passive income for $1000 is my personal favorite, and this is what I do…and that’s an INDEX FUND.
An index fund is basically a collection of companies and stocks that you can buy into, so you own a small percentage of EVERYTHING. I personally like index funds because they’re extremely diversified, they don’t cost a lot of money, they tend to be stable, consistent, and most index funds perform BETTER than even professional hedge fund managers.

SPEAKING of real estate…the third way of making passive income with $1000 is buying into a REIT.
This stands for Real Estate Investment Trust…so just like being able to buy a stock in a company, imagine this like you’re buying a stock in a property. Real estate investment trusts basically pool money from investors, buy up properties within a certain category – like medical buildings, shopping centers, senior citizen centers, or residential apartment buildings…and then pay out a portion of their profit as a dividend.

Now the fourth way to make passive income with $1000 is to look into bonds.
Companies, states, governments, and so on, will offer you a chance to invest in THEM…and they will pay YOU back with interest for giving them a loan. They set the terms of the investment, and it’s up to you to invest in them or not. Typically, bonds might have a holding period of a few months to 10 years or more…the choice is up to you in terms of what you want to invest in.

Now those were some VERY simple ways you could start making some passive income with $1000 that pretty much ANYONE can do, that take no work whatsoever, and are fairly safe…but if you’re willing to put in some work, $1000 IS enough to get started with a few other projects:

First, obviously, is a YouTube channel.
Here’s the thing with YouTube: it’s very much an ACTIVE business. You spend a LOT of time growing your audience, perfecting your message, interacting with everyone, honing your skills, and editing…endless editing. And it’s continuous if you want to GROW…the youtube algorithm rewards consistency, so you MUST keep posting. BUT…once you get a backlog of videos up on the site, and you become monetized…you can make SO much money from a $1000 investment.

SECOND, with $1000, you should be able to make some VERY good passive income through affiliate marketing.
Again, this is something I wasn’t sure I wanted to mention because it takes WORK to get this up and running…but for someone willing to put in that work, it’s absolutely worth it. With affiliate marketing, you spend the time to market someone else’s product and you get paid a percentage of what you bring in. Amazon affiliates is the easiest one…you basically have the entire catalog of amazon to chose from, and you’ll get paid a commission for bringing people to the site when they place an order.

But like I said, overall, for passive income – $1000 is the RIGHT amount JUST to get started and to dip your toes in the water to see what it’s all about. We all start somewhere, so treat your first $1000 like it’s the cost of education…you will learn SO much just by doing this, that it will help pave the way for you to earn SIGNIFICANTLY more LATER…

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Irene H. says:

I appreciate you for these tips, Graham.

vian dou says:

Extremly good video if not perfect, you're a legend, thanks

mnstube says:

Just a quick note. Qualified dividends are NOT taxed at the ordinary income rate.

Lijo Abraham says:

One of the best video I have ever watched

Peaceanquiet says:

I think you reversed the 3.99% and 4% dividend payout in the REIT section

Amber Knowles says:

Hi everyone i got a good income thanks to Chris +1(469) 415-5670.

Deborah Smith says:

How much in taxes and would you ever consider explaining the benefits of roth IRA route. I have a regular savings account (and how this is taxed)

Daniel Bragg says:

Dividends are not taxed as ordinary income. REIT’s yes. US stocks NO.

Abi Makin says:

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Can you make a video about FBA?

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