Building Wealth Through Passive Income | Joseph Carlson Ep. 46

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In this episode we examine the importance of multiple income streams. We take a look at the Federal Rate being lowered, the Repo Market, and an ex-facebook employee lambasting the company. We also of course answer your questions and comments.

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Lewis John says:

I tried to sign up with M1 but I guess it is only for US residents? Can you recommend a broker for France/Europe? Subscribed though. Great content!

Floompy Bear says:

Trim off the extra bits. Glad you addressed that. 👍🏻

CalzoneTrash says:

hi joseph, been a fan for a while. I'm only 17, but i want somewhere for my salary to snowball for college as i don't have many expenses besides gas and such. Any advice?

xKiLLzZx1 says:

I've I leave a like, do I get some dividends from your youtube channel?

Sparro says:

How are your funds doing now Joseph? Been a rough couple of days on the markets. I am in UK and was disappointed to find out I cannot invest like you as it is expensive here without M1 Finance.

Jacob Jbeili says:

Hey Joseph I’m 18 and work at in n out and I’ve gotton very interested in investing in the stock market what strategy would you recommend for someone of my age to start out with, loving the value you bring to your viewers by the way

Sarah Valdez says:

Thanks for the insight. This year, I reached one of my proudest financial milestones. I had amassed more than $100,000 in savings from passive income. I did that in just 3 months.

Coffee JN says:

I cannot wait until tomorrow, when you update your stock performance for the damage in the last 2 days. It's going to be interesting to see how robust it is compared to the market.

kmkcorner says:


2K Doctor says:

bruh that guy who lost like 70% should not trade stocks. If I'm down 20% I'm selling everything. Always have to follow rule #1 Cut Losses Quickly

Alex Ziegler says:

Hi Joseph, love your channel. I’m exited to see where this goes over time.

Have you talked in any of your episodes about the tax efficiency of dividend growth ingesting? That’s the one sticky point that has me a little hesitant with this investing strategy.

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