9 Passive Income Ideas (that earn $1000+ per month)

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Want some ideas for how to start earning passive income? Here are 9 great passive income ideas that can pay at least $1000 per month — even if you’re a beginner and you’ve never earned passive income before.

This isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, but it WILL inspire you and give you ideas for how to earn passive income.

Here’s the link to download your free copy of my Information Business Quickstart Guide: https://www.gillianperkins.com/infopreneurs-guide-free-download/

Not sure what passive income is or how passive income works? This video breaks it all down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4GL0CGV4SU

And here’s my take on the BEST way to earn passive income: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDo43-YM0Q4



Is AFFILIATE MARKETING a good way to earn passive income?

What’s the BEST way to earn passive income? (ebooks vs courses vs membership sites)

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Gillian Perkins says:

Here's a little outline to help you navigate the video easily:
0:49 Start a YouTube Channel

2:25 Start a Membership Website

3:50 Write a Book

4:34 Create a Lead Gen Website

5:47 Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

6:50 Market a Niche Affiliate Opportunity

8:02 Create an Online Course

10:00 Invest in Real Estate

11:03 Rent Out a Room in Your House

11:55 Start an Information Business

Your Successful Affiliate Influencer says:

Very interesting video will add some of these ideas to my passive income business

Humayoun in USA says:

best yutuber ever

Yill Terrero says:

This is very helpful, thank you for sharing❤

Musicalvs says:

I need passive income

technical papan says:

Nice to see you

Yvette K says:

I enjoy my passive income thank you for sharing

Micheal Gibson says:

Forex trading is also a passive way of making money but most people fail to recognize the fact about that.

Thutruth ght says:

Had an issue with my e-mail and never have been able to get revenue from youtube ads for years.

Sam Levine - Personal Finance says:

there are so many good ways to make passive income – no excuses!

The Legal Careers Guide says:

I wish people would think of new ideas

Your videos promoter says:

i dont know what are you saying. You know why ? Just bcoz of your mesmrising beuty.

Dawn Ramcharan says:

Investing in rental real estate can be a good source of passive income. Except if something at the property breaks and you have to fix it, or a tenant moves out and you have to find a new renter, in which case it's no longer passive, or unless the tenants decide not to pay, in which case there's no income.

Colin #YangGang2020 says:

Vote for yang


I've unlimited internet and free time. I want to earn some money using that. But I don't know what to do. Pls help…..

Tyler Whalen says:

Thanks for another great vid !

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